2Gen Undercover Mouse – Interactive Cat Toy

Post Published on February 9, 2011 | Last Updated on February 9, 2011 by Jenny

2Gen Undercover MousePanic Mouse Inc. is here again to give us one of its best cat toys to offer! Presenting the 2Gen Undercover Mouse!!!

The Undercover Mouse is ready to give unending fun and entertainment to your kitty as it moves quickly; randomly speeding, slowing and reversing direction under its durable nylon cover. The hidden mouse under the cover skitters furtively just out of your cat’s view – noticing that the hidden mouse’s movements are so real that’ll get not only your cat but even you to swear that there is really a live mouse in the house!

2Gen Undercover Mouse is made out of a strong and durable plastic that allows for easy speed adjustment and hours of interactive fun powered by three (3) AA batteries. A gearless friction drive adds up reliability once the catch has been made, so no worries for you.
Interactive Cat Toy - Undercover Mouse and CharlieThis interactive cat toy not only brings joy and entertainment to your cat but it also serves to enhance its hunter/predator’s instinct in securing almost all of its catch. 2Gen Undercover Mouse can also improve your cat’s concentration and focus on catching its prey.

Product Features:
  • Easy to operate with fully adjustable speed control 
  • Random, teasing motions draws cats into play 
  • Low center of gravity prevents tipping
Product Inclusions:
  • One (1) Undercover Mouse electronic cat toy 
  • One (1) ripstop nylon skirt 
  • One (1) mouse wand
So, what are you waiting for? Start introducing your cats to new heights of excitement at play! You can buy the Undercover Mouse Cat Toy Undercover Mouse on Amazon.com for $27.99.

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