2018 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Opt Out

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In 2015, Jerry Stritzke, the CEO of REI talked about closing all of their stores on Black Friday and letting their employees spend Black Friday outside.  It even got its own hashtag, #OptOutside.

I quite liked the campaign on many different levels (including a genius PR/marketing move), so I decided not to do a Black Friday or Cyber Monday posts on Floppycats – and haven’t since then.  

I then saw this video on Facebook last week, and it reinforced my feelings about the mass craze of the holiday shopping season.

I really feel that Black Friday has gotten out of control and we’re losing perspective.  I am all about a good deal on great products, but also feel it’s important to have balance.  You can find good deals on days other than Black Fridays.  There’s something about celebrating our blessings and our hearts on Thanksgiving and turning around to commercialism craziness on Black Friday that rubs me the wrong way.  I have supported it in the past and might in the future, but again this year, I am opting out on Floppycats.

Rather, I invite you to spend the day with your kitties – take a video or a photo and share it on our Facebook page. Do you know how to see the posts on our Facebook page that are posted by others?  You don’t even have to have a Facebook account to visit our page and see the posts. Once you’re on Facebook to see the posts by others, simply scroll down on the left hand side to where it says, “Community” and you can see all the wonderful kitties that are a part of our community of Ragdoll cat lovers.

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Of course, if you were looking to shop today – you can always check out the Floppycats Cat Product Store or a recent post, “50 Best Cat Lover Gifts“.

Thank you all for being here – I am interested in your opinions about the whole Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze, please feel free to share in the comment section below.

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  1. BRILLIANT POST, super cute pic & awesome video, Jenny! I TOTALLY AGREE about BLACK FRIDAY!!! It’s super crazy and NOT a GOOD THING! I haven’t participated in any Black Friday shopping in YEARS!!! If I do participate then it’s online with special deals but I will NOT set foot in a brick & mortar store during all that madness. No way. I hate it and I don’t like how it brings out the worst in people. It’s truly dreadful and there is nothing fun about it at all and I LURVE a good sale and deal as much as the next person does but there’s a limit for me… <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. I read the REI post but I was there to find a deal on bike tires. The bike I have is over 20 yrs old, the tires are cracked, my inner tubes both just went out. It is the only way for me to buy food for myself and my cats. I honestly think I will be killed if I continue to ride on them. Dicks had a 75 percent price drop
    Although the sentiment is fine, the real problem is not the Holiday shopping. I was reading a US military analysis of the Chinese govts end game. It is partly based on their control of our economics. I prefer to make many things from scratch and would shop more at Etsy if I could afford it, but the consumption of cheap Chinese goods is driven by the fact that people actually think having more of their goods make them competitive. As a reviewer with an elite online program I once took apart a faux mantle fireplace from China and threw it out.
    I still love the grooming kit I won for my cats here though! We are in a house now it is in the middle of nowhere, no transportation and bad well water. It beats living in the streets and we camped for 2 yrs. Getting out isn’t all that great for the former homeless people. Not to mention, there was a petroleum leak here and something is wrong with the wildlife. I walk with a dolly to get my cats water.
    Balance year round is what Americans need not just a day outside.

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