10 Ways YOU Can Help Floppycats.com

Post Published on March 26, 2014 | Last Updated on April 22, 2019 by Jenny

There is power in numbers. Please help Floppycats.com grow!

Please help my mom's website!
Please help my mom’s website be the best Ragdoll cat website!
  1. Submit a Ragdoll of the Week Story
  2. Participate in our Ragdoll Cat Forum
  3. Subscribe to our blog updates
  4. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter
  5. “Like” Us on Facebook
  6. Follow Us on Twitter
  7. Subscribe to us on YouTube
  8. Join us on Pinterest
  9. Join us on Tumblr
  10. Leave comments on blog posts or ask questions on blog posts

Which of the 10 things do you do to help Floppycats?  Or do you do something else to help?

Whatever you do to help – THANK YOU!!

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33 thoughts on “10 Ways YOU Can Help Floppycats.com

  1. Gail Auerbach says:

    I have done ALL of the above. I would love to do product reviews and post video or written reviews..is that possible?

  2. Dementia Boy says:

    (1) No Ragdoll to submit.
    (2) I forget where I put my forum password. Sometimes I will find it and will post on the forum.
    (3) When I tried to subscribe to the blog, it said I was already subscribed.
    (4) Likewise with the newsletter.
    (5)Created a fake facebook account. I’ve never had facebook in my life. Since my Rag’s name was William Blake Shakes Butler Yeats, the name is a feminine diminuitive thereof. I have no idea how to use facebook, so I just “like” everything, unless it really goes against my principles (dry food, idiocy).
    (6) No Twitter.
    (7) Subscribed on YouTube.
    (8)No Pinterest.
    (9) Google+. Stayed off Google+ for a while because of a weirdo.
    (10) Make comments here.

    I try to help with labs and fud.

    I love Jenny and the Floppies. I learn a lot. Jenny’s product reviews are great–did you know that you can play capture the kitty with an inverted cat cave?

  3. Linda Gerten says:

    Jenny, I love your site and have been going to it every week to see what’s “new” :)) I’ve purchased a lot of things that you, Charlie and Trigg have tested for us. I love your sense of humor and when I am watching one of your videos when you talk in your high, crazy voice :)) both my cats come running to see who is making that sound! Keep up the great work!!

    One of your many fans,

  4. moon says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I am on the blog update, forum and youtube. I found your site from the you tube videos and love all the information you give. I am new to having a ragdoll and kitten. I also tell all my cat friends about the site so they can learn more about products.

  5. patricia says:

    me too linda. my cats love jenny telling me about all the cool cat stuff because when she does, i go buy it!! there’s so much out there, you don’t know what to try and cat things are expensive and i have many that i thought might be cool that my cats could care less about. when i get to watch how other cats respond to something it saves me time and money and entertains the hell otta me.. haha. my cats have loved everything that i have gotten them based on jennys reviews.

  6. Teresa says:

    This website is my very very favorite kitty website that I go to immediately every day. There is one other that just has mostly ads I go to sometimes but the valuable learning experience, the joyous product reviews getting to see the great Charlie and Trigg get so excited when they get a box is just a wonderful part of my day. I see how they react and then put those wonderful products on my wish list for my girls. They have really gotten some great toys, scratchers and other products just because of the great reviews Jenny does here. Have learned so much and continue to learn bunches of stuff that has enhanced my girls’ lives 3-fold.
    Also, I am thankful that this is a safe and positive place to ask and receive great information when it is needed by people who have like experiences. Feel so blessed to be part of the Floppycat family here.
    Am part of Facebook, write on this forum, subscribe to the blog, get monthly newsletter and updates and am so thankful for them. Hope this helps Jenny.

  7. Linda Pletka says:

    1. No Ragdoll to submit a story. A RagaMuffin kitten is in the oven…
    2. I participate in the forum from time to time.
    3. Subscribed to the blog? I get emails, like this. I think I am.
    4. I think I get the newsletter, along with emails.
    5. Not on Facebook.
    6. Not on Twitter.
    7. Do follow on YouTube.
    8. Just did (follow) on Pinterest. Hadn’t searched for that before. Thank you!
    9. Not on google+.
    10. Same as #2? Responses like this are participating…

    Very appreciative of all you do, Jenny. Have bought many things, based on your recommendations.

    Many thanks,

  8. patricia says:

    and… i love being able to communicate with other people that love their cats as much as i love mine. cat people are the BEST people!

  9. patricia says:

    unsubscribe to floopycats?! someone must have died, that’s all i can think. even though i don’t have ragdoll cats, i have cats and i love cats more than anything else on this planet and when i found jenny and charlie and trigg i knew i was “home” as far as cat sites went. i was researching ragdolls because my black and white cat has all the charteristics other than color and i came across jenny’s utube videos and cried (literally) at how wonderful she was with her cats and party from laughter. i haven’t just learned about ragdolls, i have learned how to better care for and love and spoil my cats that share this life with me, put up with me and love me back.. sometimes, when they feel like it. do you know the reasons they unsubscribed jenny? maybe it’s something that has nothing to do with you, maybe their cat died and they just couldn’t handle it, who knows. i don’t believe it was for not liking what you do here for everyone. i don’t do twitter either but i think i have done everything else. if i haven’t i will. you have the best cat forum online in my view and i’ve looked at many. not just for ragdolls but for cats in general. i look forward to it more than anything else i subscribe to. it’s made me a better cat mommy and it brings joy to my life. i love you and your wonderful cats!!

  10. Veronica Thompson says:

    I am so happy to have found this site!!!! I discovered it while looking through Flickr photos and just can’t get enough of these adorable kitties and all the helpful advice. Thanks for all your hard work from me and my future Ragdoll baby♥

  11. ChristyB says:

    Submit a Ragdoll of the Week Story

    Participate in our Ragdoll Cat Forum
    have not done – it does not seem active, any advice?

    Subscribe to our blog updates

    Subscribe to our monthly newsletter
    just did

    “Like” Us on Facebook
    can’t, I don’t have a FB page

    Follow Us on Twitter
    no twitter for me!

    Subscribe to us on YouTube

    Join us on Pinterest
    no pinterest for me either

    Join us on Google+
    no google+ for me

    Leave comments on blog posts or ask questions on blog posts
    do lots (too much?!)

    • Jenny says:

      I show activity on the forum yesterday – so not sure what’s going on there.


      THANK YOU for all the others!

  12. Ragdoll Mommy says:

    We did 5 of those things! We love your website, and Charlie&Trigg, and who could forget about Caymus and Murphy?!
    Keep up the good work! 😀

  13. Lisa says:

    Hi Jenny and all that read posts on Floppy cats.Isubmitted a post asking opinions on if I should get another raggy for my Murphy could have a buddy.Well we now have a Bi color blue pointed 12 week old Ragdoll name Murphy junior .Seems to be working out great.Im glad hes a boy kitten though cause I dont think my 17 month old Big Murphy would have liked a full grown cat.He mothers him and luvs to lick and wash him and plays a little ruff ,but little Murph isnt scared he goes back for more .Me and my Hub are really getting a kick out of their cute bonding.But big Murphy does get a little jealous sometimes when he sees me cuddling too much with new one ,he gives me a real dirty look then dashes down the hallway so funny so cute.Were all having fun so far.Thanks Jenny for your out put on my post a few weeks ago Bye for now Lisa and Murphy and Murphy Junior

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Lisa, I am delighted to hear that it is all working out for you – congratulations and thanks for sharing with a follow up!

  14. Lisa says:

    Hi Jenny I watched the Trigg and Charlie video with ice cubes,I remember reading somewhere about putting tuna water from canned tuna in water and making ice cubes for kittys in hot weather.Well Murphy luvs them I tell him yum yums and he just licks them and plays with them,too cute.Just hope I never mix up my cubes with his and put them in my diet coke yuck.well again your websites the greatest Jenny.Say Hi to those precious boys of yours Bye Lisa

    • Jenny | Floppycats.com says:

      That sounds fantastic. That’s a great idea with the tuna water…yuck is right about diet coke and tuna water ice cubes!

  15. Linda says:

    Jenny I just came across your site and I think I have been on it now for 3 hrs. straight!!! I am getting a rag doll in 2 weeks so you have provided a wealth of information for me :)) I love your videos and the reviews, I have bought so many toys for my other kitty that she has snubbed her nose and never gave a second look…. perhaps I can save some money to see them on your video first to make a better informed decision!

    I will be back to your sight many times, thanks so much for all the great information, you are also great, I giggled through so many of the things you say to your buddies, you can tell how much you love them.


  16. Teresa says:

    This is the best kitty website ever! Not kidding, I don’t know how you always come up with such wonderful products to show us for our fur babies, but you do.

    Was just looking over everything as I’m about to get another Floppycat and am starting to get nervous that I’ve got all the bases covered. Think now I will go reread your Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide as well. Want to do everything just right to make her happy. Thanks Jenny.

  17. Beth says:

    That’s just what friends are for 🙂 You’re sweet to everybody, I know, and you’ve been so kind to me since we “met” here last winter. Please never question the amount of good you do, Jenny!

  18. Beth says:

    Why would anyone unsubscribe from this wonderful website? It’s my favorite “fun time” place, Jenny. I love this site AND you! Thanks so much for your kindness to all of us (Raggies and humans) and all your hard work here!!!

  19. Azizah A. (@GourmetPens) says:

    I love this site! You’ve managed to corral a big bunch of people who love floppy cats! I’ve learned a lot from your articles and interviews, as well as gotten some valuable feedback on the forums. Plus I love Floppycats on FB because I get to see everyone else’s kitties! Thank you for all your hard work 😀

      • Ling says:

        I do not understand unsubscribing..it is not as if subscribing hurts anyone. Even if people end up not following, at least keep the subscription! You were once interested..Plus, it is not as if we get flooded by emails or anything in comparison to other sites. Just my two cents ~

      • Caren Gittleman says:

        Jenny my comment was a “hint” that since I subscribe to your blog and YES I DO read it (even if I don’t always comment) I am hoping you are also subscribed to my Cat Chat blog……http://opcatchat.blogspot.com

        That is my dog in the photo who also has a blog but I thought you would be more interested in the cat blog. Oh and we are ALL doing this for ZIP! 🙂

        We all have to support each other!


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