10 Things This Cat Owner Can’t Live Without

Post Published on October 25, 2016 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

10 Cat Products I’d Rather Not Live Without



  1. High Sided Litter Box -like the NVR Miss Litterbox.  I love how high-sided litterboxes can help with litter scatter and keeping everything inside the litterbox.  Of course, some still gets out and that’s why #5 is important to me.
  2. Litter Lifter – I love this litter scoop.  It changed my life. I hate when I have to scoop a litterbox with something else.
  3. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra – This is the litter we use and love.  Many readers love it too – but I know there are readers who also like World’s Best Cat Litter or Swheat Scoop.
  4. Food – Certainly, I wouldn’t be able to feed my cats without food.  As many of you already know, I support a wet food and raw food diet for cats.  Mine are on wet food only, but I would love to get them on raw too.
  5. Litter Mat – I didn’t know how much a litter mat would change my life, but it did.  And I like the WooPet! ones the most at the moment.
  6. Lilly Brush BFF – An essential tool in my keeping-cat-hair-at-bay arsenal.  It works on furniture, cat beds, clothing and more.  Bless the BFF.
  7. Yeowww! Catnip Banana – All of my cats have liked catnip, so this is hand’s down the one I love. If I had a cat that wasn’t fan of catnip, I wouldn’t choose this.
  8. Treats – As many of you know, we love Whole Life because they make one ingredient simple treats in a human grade facility that’s safe for the kitties and pups they make their treats for.
  9. Vertical/Horizontal Scratcher – There are limited vertical scratchers on the market that we have tried, like TopCat. We just got a new one to review, Natural Sisal Cat Scratching Post which I think we will love, made by Felix Katnip Tree Company.  They also make an awesome horizontal scratcher.  We have both cardboard and sisal versions of horizontal scratchers and my cats use both.  We also have a lot of cardboard scratchers like the ones from Petfusion.
  10. Nail Clippers – I am in love with Zen Clippers – and find them essential because if I don’t cut their claws, it is so miserable for them to knead on me.

What are 10 cat products that you can’t live without as a cat owner and why?

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20 thoughts on “10 Things This Cat Owner Can’t Live Without

  1. DeidreC says:

    Hey Jenny! We love your list and use and love many of the products listed except that my cats will not eat Weruva, Tiki or BFF foods and we swear by, and only use World’s Best Litter. I’d love to try the Zen Clippers and I am wondering what size you use on the guys. I know I’ll need two different sizes for mine since one is a petite little lady (10 lbs) and the other is a huge brute (17lbs). It seems most cats need a size 2.

    • Jenny says:

      Deidre, I think the yellow Zen Clippers would work best for your 17 lb-er. But sounds like one size down would work for your other girl. Of course, you could just get the yellow ones to try out – and just watch for her quick to see if you could just use one pair for both? they also list the hole mm on amazon – http://amzn.to/2lX3oyE – so you could poke her claw through a piece of paper (not past the quick) and then measure the diameter of that hole to know which size to order.

      glad you know WBCL – sounds like you love WBCL like I love Precious Cat Ultra. Many readers love WBCL.

  2. plmcat says:

    love all of these. lilly brush… hands down one of the best if not the best cat related purchase i have ever made! i would love if they made a really big one. that thing makes being a cat mom soooo much easier. same with the litter lifter scoop. there is nothing else like it and it’s fantastic. getting excited about a scoop i never thought i’d do but i LOVE it! wish i had the cat mat.. maybe someday.. i need it! i have an arm and hammer one and it’s ok but i know that “woo pet” one would be much better. yeooow anything i love and my cats destroyed their banana. they love all the ones they can bunny kick. something i HAVE to have is the “pet stages” snuggle and rest bowl and scratcher! even though my cats are large, they adore that thing and i have to keep getting new ones!

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    Wonderful list, Jenny! I have exactly half the items on this list except for items 4, 5, 8, 9 & 10 (which I will list my alternates for below):

    4. Alternate: Fancy Feast Pate Variety Canned Food (I get from Amazon & the grocery store)

    5. Alternate: Petlinks Purr-fect Paws Cat Litter Mat, Medium, Gray (have one for each of our NVR Miss Litterboxes)

    8. Alternate: Redbarn Grain-Free Treats, Turkey. (I get these from Chewy.com)

    9. Alternate: Purrfect Post Mondo Cat Scratcher Tower & Imperial Cat Mega Scratching Pad Deluxe (a cheap little horizontal scratcher in a box that has lasted forever)

    10: Alternates: Normal nail clippers (my hubby does all the claw trimming with a normal pair of human nail clippers but I definitely have a pair of the scissors you use on my Amazon Wish List for future purchase)

    Thank you so much for all your awesome reviews. Of the 5 things we do have from your list it’s all due to your awesome review and recommendations!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  4. Teresa Reid says:

    Love, love, love all these 10 items you put down here. Just as IRUNNING said, we have most of them because of your wonderful reviews! So, thank you, Charlie and Trigg, for letting us know about these great products. We have all of them except for the last two vertical scratchers because none of my girls are vertical scratchers. In fact, just ordered two more cardboard scratchers the other day because ours (Brawny Cat) finally bit the dust and couldn’t get his website to come up again (Boo!).

    Thanks so much for giving me all these wonderful product ideas for Grace, Illaria and Miss Mariposa. Their lives are greatly enriched because of you!♥♥♥

    • Jenny says:

      Yes, it’s a shame about Brawny Cat – they would definitely make the cut if they were in existence. Glad these products have worked for you as well.

      • Teresa Reid says:

        Did they stop making them? I didn’t hear anything but knew he only made a few once a year or something like that and just thought it was not the time of year. So sad if he isn’t in business anymore. Those were great quality beds/scratchers that lasted a long long time. Ours would have lasted even longer but “someone” hacked on it and so it was never the same after that with a big “spot” on it where I tried to unsuccessfully clean it.♥♥♥

        • Jenny says:

          That happened to us with the World’s Best Cat Scratcher. Yes, do believe he is no longer in business – he doesn’t return any of my emails. A shame.

          • Teresa Reid says:

            We just received that very one (World’s Best Cat Scratcher) from Amazon today! Gracie took it over immediately! Sad that Andy is no longer in business because that was one of the best scratcher/lounges out there.♥♥♥

    • lrunning says:

      I’m so bummed about Brawny Cat. Ours is falling apart, but I hate the idea of tossing it. Wish they had heals a clearance sale!


  5. lrunning says:

    Jenny- I’m a copy cat (see what I did there?)! I own every one of these products due to your reviews and love them all. Emily is a vertical scratcher and we have the Ultimate Scratching Post which she uses a lot because she can really stretch out and it gives her enough room.
    You’re right about the scooper- I took care of a friend’s cat and she had another type of scooper and I bought her a Litter LIfter as a gift and left it there! The other was too hard to use after having a Litter Lifter.


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