15+ Funny, and Patriotic, 4th of July Cat Memes

Are you ready for Independence Day this year? What better way to kick off the celebration than our list of funny 4th of July cat memes?

Sit back as we unveil the funniest, most adorable memes featuring cats on this special day. They are not listed in a particular order because they’re all awesome. It’s up to you to choose your favorites, so take a look:

4th of July Cat Memes

1. Captain America Cat

Always be loyal to the american dream 4th of July Cat Meme


This adorable little kitty is very patriotic. Doesn’t he look amazing in his Captain America suit? It seems to match his decisive look. One thing is sure – if this is what Captain America kitty looks like, then we’d also like to see the feline version of the rest of the Avengers.

2. The Cute Little Americat

The Cute Little Americat 4th of July Cat Meme


This little cutie is proud to be an Americat. That sounds so good. It should be an actual catchphrase. And what better day to celebrate our Amerikitties than the 4th of July?

3. The American Cat Dream

AmeriCats favorite day 4th of July Cat Meme


Most cats are crazy about catnip, and as we can see in the meme above, catnip toys are the ultimate goal, the ultimate treat for some of them.

If you’re curious to see why, then look at Caymus, Charlie, and Trigg trying out organic catnip toys. That should help you understand this fluffy guy better. His motto is perfect for any Americat’s 4th of July celebration!

4. DIY 4th of July Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat 4th of July Cat Meme


We love this adorable DIY 4th of July Nyan Cat! This has to be one of the best 4th of July cat memes to make it onto the World Wide Web. It sets the perfect mood for this special day. Listen to the famous Nyan Cat song again and smile! Happy Independence Day!

5. Meowica

Meowica 4th of July Cat Meme


It looks like the Americat has company on our list! This is the Meowicat from Meowica looking up at the sky with the red, white, and blue behind him! Isn’t this a perfect image for this 4th of July?!

6. 4th of July with Grumpy Cat

Happy 4th July From Grumpy Cat


No cat meme list on the internet would ever be complete without Grumpy Cat, so we have several of them on ours. The first covers the 4th of July in classic Grumpy Cat style. Even though she hates it, we love her for it! So here’s to you, Tardar Sauce!

7. Grumpy Cat and Fireworks

Grumpy Cat 4th of July Cat Meme


We may love fireworks, but Grumpy Cat hates them, and so does every other cat on the planet. Fireworks are not fun at all for cats. They can get quite scared during a firework show.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your cat when it gets scared of fireworks. Hopefully, it won’t be as vindictive as Grumpy Cat over here. But keeps your shows safe, just in case!

8. The Cat and the Eagle



This meme is bound to stick with you. It features a tense moment before the ultimate combat session between an eager car and an eagle. Do any Americats care to step in? This bold kitty looks like it’s going to need all paws on deck. Remember this meme when you ask yourself if your Ragdoll cat can go outside.

9. Rockstar Kitty Cat

Born in the USA 4th of July Cat Meme


This little critter looks like he’s got the next 4th of July hit! Sure, Bruce Springsteen might have made rock history with “Born in the USA,” but what it’s been lacking all of these years was some of that kitty cat pizzazz that cutie is full of. We can’t wait for the video!

10. Grumpy Cat Still Hates Fireworks…And Katy Perry

Grumpy Cat 4th of July Cat Meme


Dear Miss Perry, you can be a firework and let your colors burst on your own! Tardar Sauce wants nothing to do with it or fireworks in general. It would be unfortunate for your shoes to get sprayed; just saying!

11. Grumpy Cat’s Nemesis

4th of July Cat Meme


This kitty is the odd one in the bunch. He has to be the only cat to be sad that there are no fireworks for the 4th of July! But, speaking of every other cat on the block, they’re all happy this one’s forgetful.

12. Happy 4th of July. Is It, Though?!

Terrible Day Boom Nightmare 4th of July Cat Meme


Let’s say that Grumpy Cat is not the only cat that’s not happy about the 4th of July festivities. Unfortunately, this kitty never really got over last year’s fireworks unique. But don’t worry, kitty, Tardar Sauce is on your side!

13. Patriotic Cat Is Patriotic

Patriotic Cat 4th of July Cat Meme


You don’t need a Captain America costume to be patriotic! With the star-spangled banner behind him and this solemn look on his face, this kitty is ready for the 4th of July! Are you?

14. Serious Cat Is Pledging



This kitty looks like he’s taking the pledge of allegiance exceptionally seriously. Just look at those eyes; behold the concentration. Yet another patriotic Americat!

15. Full-Stack Americat

Proud to be an Americat 4th of July Cat Meme


This lovely kitty has its eagle and flag ready and embodies the Americat! Its pride might have been bought with cheeseburgers, but with those baby blues, we’re already sold!

16. Uncle Sam Kitty

I WANT YOu 4th of July Cat Meme


Let’s end our list of 4th of July cat memes with this tiny cutie. A faithful Uncle Sam at heart, this furry baby wants you to remove his hat, but he’s very adamant about it. How could you resist?

This concludes our list of the funniest 4th of July cat memes. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and that it put a smile on your face. Do you have a favorite? Are you team Grumpy Cat, or are you looking forward to the fireworks? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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  1. Awwwww! SOOOO CUTE & ADORABLE & FUNNY FOR SURE…LOL! SUPER PAWESOME & FABULOUS 4TH OF JULY POST, Jenny honey! LURVED! I DEFINITELY have a smile on my face and in my heart! 😉 <3 The Grumpy Cat & Katy Perry Meme is my fave! 😉 <3 I lurve to watch fireworks light up the sky but am not crazy about the noisy neighborhoods this holiday creates! Luckily, our neighborhood is very quiet…YAY! 😉 <3


    Big hugs & lots of love & patriotic purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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