10 Fun and Inexpensive Cat Toys at The Cat Connection

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Sometimes readers point out that a lot of the toys we review are expensive and wonder if there are more affordable options!  So I asked Errin, one of the owners at The Cat Connection in Dallas to share 10 fun and inexpensive cat toys with us.  Here’s the run down:

10 Fun and Inexpensive Cat Toys at The Cat Connection

  1. Jerry Kurlz – A new product that’s eco-friendly and made in the USA.
  2. Jerry Kurlz Road Runner – Like the Jerry Kurlz, but with a guinea fowl feather attached to the end!
  3. Hare Balls – These little balls of real rabbit fur were sent to us recently and the cats like throwing them in the air.  See it here.
  4. Da Bird – Here’s one that many Floppycats’ readers have always loved – but we’ve never tried!
  5. Pet Candy Catnip – We have never tried this stuff, but The Cat Connection reports that it’s some good ‘nip!
  6. Comet Balls – for those kitties that don’t eat their toys
  7. Junk Food Flyers – These are fun and eco-friendly since they are made out of recycled junk food wrappers.
  8. Tiger Teaser Corks – These are wine corks that are wrapped in real bunny fur.
  9. Cat Dancer – This is one of Errin’s favorite cat toys
  10. Medium Crinkle Pom Balls
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  1. What an awesome list of products. Have some of these and they love them all. We don’t have the real bunny fur, but I found a real bunny tail one day outside. Brought it in and sterilized it by wetting it and putting it in the microwave for about 3 secs. They have a blast with it throwing it up in the air just like Trigg was doing. So cute. love your video.
    Another one of their favorites from the Cat Connection is the Cat Dancer. That thing can make the sleepiest cat sit up and take interest because it is almost like a little outside bug that is constantly moving on the wire. They always have fun when that comes out!
    All of the products from the Cat Connection are great and love their store!
    Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! ♥♥♥

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