10 Best Litter Boxes for High-Spraying Cats

My mom’s Ragdoll cats, Caymus and Murphy, peed almost standing up, or as they peed, they’d lift their bottoms. In contrast, my 12-year-old Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg, stay in a squatting position the entire time they are peeing.

I am only aware of a few litter boxes for high-spraying cats, but there are other ways to make a DIY litter box that works for high pee-ers.

IMPORTANT – this article discusses cats who aim high when peeing in their litter boxes, not spraying due to hormones. That is a separate issue.

Litter Boxes for High-Spraying Cats

LitterLocker® Litter Box with Scoop - Litter Boxes for High Spraying Cats
Photo credit: Floppycats.

My mom had to get high-sided litterboxes because of Caymus and Murphy.

When I discovered high-sided litter boxes also helped keep the litter inside the box, that was another reason I wanted some.

We have previously reviewed the NVR Miss litterbox – which I love. However, NVR Miss litterboxes aren’t high enough for my parents’ cats.  

My parents ended up buying a plastic storage container like a Rubbermaid one. 

Does Your Cat Need a Tall Litter Box for High-Spraying?

Seal Mitted Ragdoll cat Charlie with a blaze peeing in the litterbox IMG_9532
Photo credit: Floppycats.

When considering a high-sided litter box for your cat, ask yourself a few questions. There might be fixable reason for your cat spraying urine high, which can be resolved without switching the litter box.

Has your cat only high-sprayed once, or is it becoming a habit? If your cat is typically a squatter, but it’s high-sprayed once, you must wait to see if it happens again. It might have been an accident if it was just that one time. Or it could be peeing outside of the box for medical reasons.

Is the cat’s litter pan clean? Sometimes cats protest when their litterboxes have build-up and are not cleaned as promptly as they would like to. And, as you may have guessed, one of their preferred methods is making a mess to make it impossible for you to miss the smelly litterbox.

Is another cat using its litterbox? If you have two cats using the same litterbox, one might retreat to the clean areas remaining to do its business. This might make it adopt an abnormal position and, as a result, pee high and make a mess.

Is there anything wrong with your cat’s legs? If your cat is suddenly peeing high, it might not be able to squat as it usually does. Try to examine your cat’s legs or paws to see if there is a painful area. Keep an eye out to see if it adopts a squatting position outside the litterbox. If it does, then this is certainly not the reason.

Does your cat have trouble peeing? Sometimes, when cats experience pain when urinating, they might adopt unnatural positions. This might make them pee high even if they typically do not. Try to observe the cat to find out if it is experiencing any issues with urination.

If your cat is a high-sprayer, don’t worry, you are not alone! Read through the comments to find out what solutions other pet owners have found for their cat’s high-spraying habits.

1. Use a Storage Bin as a Litterbox

Litter Box Setup August 2012
Photo credit: Floppycats.

My mom found one very good solution to the high-spraying problem – she used a storage bin as a litter box. We’ve found it is one of the best litter boxes for messy cats, as it’s easy to find and meets all the requirements for her tall cat.

Here’s an idea of the type of box she has and uses for her cats:

If you go with a storage bin, try to find one with flat sides on the inside. This prevents caking clumps of pee in various nooks and crannies, making them impossible to remove. For example, look at the design of the storage boxes in the photo above. 

If cats pee in the corner – it’s rounded and curved and impossible to get a clump of pee out of with a litter scoop – so get square everything with no dips or dents). There is a lot to choose from on Amazon. My mom went with clear ones for her multi-cat household after having the black ones above.

Of course, the problem with this one is that once your kitty becomes elderly or has any jumping issues, they either cannot make it into the box or will struggle to try. So check out the other options below if you have a senior kitty.

2. Doggy Bathroom

Doggy Bathroom Litter Boxes for High-Spraying Cats
Photo credit: Doggy Bathroom.

As the name suggests, this is litter box is designed for pups and dogs rather than cats. Still, sometimes unconventional solutions are needed, and this is one such option that could work for your high-spraying cat.

It’s a high-sided litter box that’s 16 inches tall, made entirely from 100% recyclable plastic. They’re manufactured in Canada and designed not just to be effective but pretty stylish too, or at least as stylish as a litter box can be – there are different color options for the base, and you can get matching mats to place in front.

The entrance is relatively low, so it’s good if your cat likes to turn around once they enter the litter box – otherwise, they may spray out of the front. The low entrance will also likely mean you’ll see some litter scatter, but it is a good choice for kittens or arthritic cats who don’t want to step up to get into their box.

The Doggy Bathroom is designed to be used with Pee Pads for dogs, which stick to the sides and absorb urine, with baking soda inside the pad helping to dampen the odor. You could use these with your cat, along with litter for poop, or rely on the litter to capture urine that falls down the sides, wiping them clean when you scoop the litter.

Details on the Doggy Bathroom.

3. The Frisco Jumbo Covered Cat Litter Box

Photo credit: Chewy.

Another solution for a high-walled, covered litter box is this Jumbo Frisco product. It measures 29.7″ long by 17.5″ wide and is 17.6″ tall, with a hinged lid.

It has a side door, rather than an option at the end, and it comes with an inner cat litter tray and a scoop holder with a scoop that sits in one of the handle gaps at the side.

Some of the main features of the Frisco high-sided cat litter box are:

The high-sided walls contain any spraying or litter scattering.

The door has a low entrance just six inches from the ground and is big enough for most cats to get through comfortably.

The hinged lid can be left closed for privacy and to help control odors, opened for cleaning, or completely removed if your cats prefer the extra light.

It’s made from a lightweight, BPA-free plastic that is easy to wipe down.

However, some reviewers haven’t had the best experience with it. Many have said that the inner tray isn’t deep enough, so if you only put litter into that, then the cat will spray urine over the sides, and while it’ll be contained in the larger box, it pools under the tray and is harder to clean.

Other reviews have said the material is flimsy, and the hinged cover could be more secure. However, it is designed to be easily removable, so you can take the lid off if you prefer. Still, it doesn’t click into place. So it could quickly be accidentally taken off completely when you only meant to open it.

And because it has side handle holes, some customers have reported cat urine spraying through the gaps.

With that in mind, here are some tips on how to use the Frisco Jumbo litter box to get the most out of it:

Don’t use the inner litter tray – too many people complain about it being too shallow and the mess it causes. Instead, use the entire jumbo box as the litter tray. Fill the whole bottom with litter, and you’ve instead got one large, enclosed litter tray, and any spray will trickle down into the litter to clump or can just be wiped down from the sides.

If you do that, add a mat outside the doorway to prevent litter tracking. Or, if you do keep using the inner tray, consider using the extra space for a small mat inside the box.

Tape up the handles on the sides where there are gaps if you don’t intend to move them around a lot. This can prevent urine from being sprayed out unintentionally.

Ditch the scoop that comes with the litter box. It’s a standard scoop with flat tines, meaning you have to spend much longer sifting or throwing out litter that you could reuse. The scoop holder is fine, but consider a Litter Lifter a replacement scoop because it’s our favorite litter scoop.

Details about The Frisco Jumbo Covered Cat Litter Box.

4. Frisco Top Entry Litter Box

Photo credit: Chewy.

In general, I am not a fan of top-entry litter boxes. They are considered hooded litter boxes, and if they are not kept clean, they can smell terribly. And if a cat’s litter box smells terrible, they’re less likely to want to use it.

Even if it is a problem for the human nose, it’s a bigger problem for a cat.

If you order a top-entry design litter box to try, then you want to be sure to measure your cat in comparison to the measurements of the box.

This Frisco Top Entry Cat Litter Box on Chewy is the largest I have seen.

Another reason I am not a crazy fan of top-entry boxes because, as cats age, it makes it harder for them to get in and out of the box.

Details on the Frisco Top Entry Cat Litter Box on Chewy

5. IRIS Open Top Litter Box with Shield and Scoop

IRIS High Shield Litter Pan
Photo credit: Iris.

This is the middle ground between the litterboxes with and without a lid. It is shaped like a regular litterbox but has an attachment that enlarges the walls but keeps a frontal spout for easy access.

It also has rounded edges on the top side of the walls. Still, unlike other products, these are rounded towards the inside, which provides better protection against litter scatter. So it’s nice that it’s high without a lid.

This one is 19.00 “L x 15.00 “W x 11.75 “H, which also suits tall cats. It even comes with a matching litter scoop and kitty litter, so you have the whole package when you order. It is easy to clean and has a high-polish finish that will make the litter slip right out.

Toni wrote in to say, “I currently have the IRIS open-top litter box, which was the best I could find – I need TALL! I would have gotten the Nature’s Miracle box, but it wasn’t tall enough. The biggest problem with the IRIS is that it snaps together to form the tall sides, but pee can accumulate in the little nooks and crannies, which becomes a constant cleaning issue. As far as the IRIS, I actually put duct tape all around to seal those “collection“ spots, which can get a little nasty. Thank goodness for Clorox wipes!”

Details on the IRIS Open Top Litter Box with Shield and Scoop

6. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

Natures Miracle High-Sided Litter Box
Photo credit: Nature’s Miracle.

This litterbox is a reader favorite. It measures 22.8″ (L) x 17.8″ (W) x 11″ (H) and has a 4.4 star out of 5 on Amazon from 1500+ reviews. A standout feature is that it also comes with an antimicrobial coating, which is important for a litterbox.

As you can see, it has high sides that protect from litter scatter and ensure that your cat does not pee outside the box. It also has an easy-clean spout, the entryway into the litterbox. This is useful to your cat because it can get into the litterbox quickly, and it is also helpful for you when you want to clean the litterbox. It will be much easier to empty the litter using the spout.

However, with my mom’s cats, it wouldn’t work because they pee and don’t turn around – so they would pee right over that spout entrance. You must know your cat’s peeing ways to know what litterbox is best to buy. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box has built-in handles on the sidewalls and the back wall.

This makes it easy to carry from either side. In addition, the type of plastic used to make the litter box has a non-stick surface, which makes it easy to clean. This type of litterbox does not have a top lid, which I am a fan of because hooded litterboxes can cause peeing outside the box on purpose.

You can pair it with a mat to ensure your bathroom floor is litter-free.

Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box here.

7. NVR Miss

NVR MIss litter box
Photo credit: NVR Miss.

As the name might suggest, the NVR Miss litterbox was specially made for high-spraying cats that need special conditions. It has a simple model with high walls and an entry cut out so the cat can get in quickly.

It has rounded edges altogether, but the inner part remains easy to clean because there are no places where urine can gather. The margins are also rounded on the entire litterbox surface, making it easy for you to lift it when you have to clean it.

Compared to other lid-less litterboxes on the list, this one is a good choice for cats that are extra picky with their litterboxes. That’s because it’s far less threatening than closed-in options, so you will never have to worry that your cat will reject it.

The NVR Miss details are here.

8. Modkat Litter Tray

Modkat Open Tray Litter Box
Photo credit: Modkat.

We reviewed the Modkat litter tray in 2018. They are great litterboxes for keeping pee inside and litter scatter too. However, as you can see, the front is open, so if your high-spraying cat steps in, and doesn’t turn around, then you will still have pee going over the side.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a water-resistant cat litter mat under it. The Modkat Litter Tray comes with a reusable liner and a litter scoop. The Modkat litter box measures 20 x 14 x 15 inches.

The Modkat Litter Tray details here.

9. Extra Large Affordable Cat Litter Box from Korea

Photo credit. Alibaba.

This wholesale extra-large open-design litterbox was recommended to us by a reader who has very tall cats. It’s affordable and comes in many different colors. Find the Extra Large Litterbox here.

10. Horizon Poly Products Kat Kave Litter Box

Kattails Kat Kave Litter Box
Photo credit. Kattails Kat Kave.

It is tall enough to accommodate even the tallest cats, or if your cat doesn’t squat to pee, it has easy access. Plus, it has an enclosed space where the cat can pee, meaning it can spray as high as it wants without any urine on your floor.

The top lid is easy to remove for you but not for your cat. It will stay fixed while the cat is inside, but you can easily lift it to clean the litter box.

If you look at the Kattalis Kat Kave Litter box, you will notice that it looks a lot like the storage bin my mom uses. The main differences are that it also has a top and an opening.

This is important, especially if your cat is fussy around the litterbox, because it makes it more accommodating. As for the top lid, this helps contain the odor from the litterbox inside. It will also contain the litter scatter and keep your floors cleaner.

See the Horizon Products Kat Kave in detail here.

How to Make a High-Sided Litter Box – DIY High-Sided Litter Box

Litter Boxes for High Spraying Cats IMG_0340
Photo credit: Floppycats.

Suppose you want a DIY approach to litterboxes for high-spraying cats. In that case, making a litterbox with all the above features is pretty straightforward. All you need is a plastic container that is large enough, a permanent marker, a magazine, and a wood-burning tool (if you are up to using one).

DIY Litter Box – Without a Door

IRIS USA 132 Quart Large Storage Bin Utility Tote Organizing Container as a litter box
Photo credit: Floppycats.

Another reader, Mary, shared this post on our Floppycats Facebook Group and showed how she used the IRIS USA 132 Quart Large Storage Bin to make a homemade litter box for large cats. See the whole process here.

DIY Litter Box – High Sided

DIY Litter Boxes for High peeing Cats
Photo credit: Floppycats.

Another reader saw this post and made an even higher-sided litter box using the plastic shield from the ModKat litter box above.

Lisa wrote, “Here is my new DIY litterbox. Someone posted about this litterbox iris USA 132 qt clear container. I added the mod cat splash guards. The splash guard is not perfect. So had to modify one corner. Do you know where you could buy this material to make your own splash guards to get a perfect fit? Will send pics in the next email.

In the first box, the splash guard was a splice in the corner bc, not a perfect fit. I was at work when my husband did the first box. For boxes 2 and 3 we shifted the guard a bit. So no splicing is needed. You can see the difference in the 2 boxes in the pics I sent in the 2 separate emails” See the higher-sided litter box post here.

DIY Storage Bin Litter Box With Iris Storage Bin

DIY Litter Boxes for High Peeing Cats IMG_9137
Photo credit: Floppycats.

Much like a Rubbermaid container for a litter box, Lisa used the IRIS storage bin posted by Mary and said, “We used a saw, Dremel, utility knife, and sandpaper. Perfect fit in the litter box area. Cats love them and so easy to wipe down.”

Lisa continued, “Mary posted on your site last week about this IRIS USA 132 qt box. It was exactly what I was looking for. It is completely square, all smooth no indentions or grooves. It is 28 L by 20 W and 17.6 inches tall.

My cat is talented so added the mod cat urine splash guards and clips. Had to use the Dremel to make slits in the rim of the box to use. I did look at the mod cat site and these are out of stock right now. It was under replacement/accessory parts on the mod cat site.” See the whole DIY Litter Box project here.

DIY Litter Box – With a Door Flap

best storage bin for litter box DIY Aims Windler
Photo credit: Floppycats.

I cannot remember how it came about – but Floppycats’ reader Aims Windler, in a comment on a Facebook post, posted a photo of her DIY litter box.  So I replied to that comment on Facebook and asked if she could please email me to tell me in detail how they made their homemade litter box. It’s simple to make but quite effective at giving your cat privacy and helping to keep odors sealed inside a box.

You can see the full details of it on our page about How to Make a High-Sided Litter Box.

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