10 Best Cat Toys Feline Owners Insist Your Kitty Will Love

If you have a newborn kitten or even an older cat, you want to keep them entertained, but is dropping a bunch of money on carefully developed toys worth it if they’d rather play with the packaging?

Cat Owner Suggestions

fluffy little kitten hidding behind a scratching post
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Let’s find out from these cat owners who suggest these top cat toys for the best entertainment.

1. Ping Pong Balls and Plastic Springs

Cat playing with a ping-pong ball.
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The highest upvoted comment insists ping pong balls and plastic springs are the way to your cat’s heart. A weird combination, but apparently, they’re not alone — tons of commenters affirm the allure of plastic springs for cats. 

Someone suggests buying a large pack of them so they can play with them around the house. Plus, they don’t break! Another insists plastic springs are the top peak of “self-entertainment” cat toys. Still, others agree that ping pong balls or any spherical object are a fun way for your cat to self-soothe.

2. The Almost Indestructible Walnut (in the Shell)

A cat playing with a walnut
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This one doubles as both food and toy — the hardy walnut. One commenter accidentally made this discovery, saying they dropped a shelled one on the ground, and their cat went nuts, no pun intended, for it until one tragic day when it cracked open and broke. 

They’re not the only one who swears by this simple trick. Someone else verified cats are obsessed with shelled walnuts because they’re just the right size and make weird noises when it rolls.

3. The Obligatory Cardboard Box

Two Ragdoll Cats sitting in a box.

Anyone who has been around cats or watches cat videos online knows it’s a running joke that they have a thing for cardboard boxes.

Thirteen people have shared stories about their feline cardboard box enthusiasts, with one person insisting any cardboard box will do. So now you have an excuse to be online shopping.

Most of these cat owners verify that cats over commercial toys prefer cardboard boxes, and packing paper is a desired complimenting feature. 

4. The Cat Dancer and Other Hanging Toys

Cat Dancer toy in the air with a cat trying to catch it.

The Cat Dancer is an interactive toy of spring steel wire that attaches a series of paper rolls at the end. You can bounce the wire around for your cat to chase and try to catch the paper rolls at the end.

Several people claim the Cat Dancer is a number one hit for cats on the commercial toy front. One cat owner raves about the toy’s affordability and their cat’s engagement with it.  

5. Toys Filled With Catnip

Ragdoll Cay laying with a catnip toy.

A woman whose boyfriend has spent hundreds of dollars on toys for their cats contends that one of their favorite toys is the felt mice filled with catnip which you can get in packs of 10 for about $5. 

Many commenters shared that their cats are fond of toys filled with catnip. It may be more the catnip they like than the toy, but if it works, it works. So when in doubt, get a toy that reeks of catnip.

6. Another Cat

A women with two cats.
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This one is sweet — a few people insist that you should get your cat another furry friend to play with so they won’t be bored. As someone who has had many cats over the years, I can confirm they will never be bored with another cat in the house to (playfully) torture.

7. Laser Pointer

A cat leaping through the air to get a laser pointer.
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A few people mention rightly that laser pointers provide endless entertainment for your cat. That is until the battery dies, so stock up. Somebody said their cats do impressive jumps and pounces when they use their laser pointer. 

That’s something to keep in mind if your cat needs more exercise. Another replier suggests that a toy called Kitidot would be a wise choice. It’s a cat collar with a built-in laser pointer so they can play without you tiring your arms. 

8. String Toys

The Da Bird Value Pack
Photo Credit: Da Bird.

Numerous string toys were mentioned, including Da Bird which provides a handheld bar with a feather attached to a string that you dangle in front of your cat. 

Other popular string toys commenters suggest include mice on a string and worms on a string. Anything you can dangle around them or slowly pull away from them will trigger their predator instinct, and they will attack.

9. A Ball Tower

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Cats love playing with plastic balls, but balls can get lost or stuck in hard-to-reach places. That’s where the Tower of Tracks comes in handy. It’s a three-tier track filled with balls that fly around in a circle when your cat pushes them. 

A few commenters say their cat loves it, but others suggested a more basic one with a single track and a scratching pad in the center. A woman named Holly insists her cat will spin the ball for hours. 

10. Electric Toys

A kitten sitting and thinking about goldfish.
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An electric mouse will fool your cat into thinking they’re a gifted hunter without harming any real mice. There is also Flopping Fish, as suggested by a few people, which is, as it sounds, an electrically generated fake fish that flops around so your cat can attack it. 

There are even electric string toys with a feather attached to the end. The electric base will drag it across the house and whip it around, so you don’t have to. These are great toys for those lazy days or when you’ll be out of the house.

This thread inspired this post.

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