​​Theo – Ragdoll of the Week

​​Theo – Ragdoll of the Week

Ragdoll of the WeekHi i got my baby boy Theodore (Theo) about 6 months ago i always wanted a ragdoll i thought they were gorgeous cat and i was always told by mental health workers the the breeds personality would be best for me (i have depression and anxiety)

but i could never afford to buy one

anyway a few years later and a few life changes my partner an i were looking to get a kitty we were looking around we went to see a few moggies but i just didn’t feel happy with any that we saw. then one day my partner decided to ask the owner of the pet supplies place near us she told us of breeders who were selling ragdolls, Bengal and Devon Rex at a very low price as they were down sizing so we contacted them and went and had a

Ragdoll of the Week

look.The moment i walked in their place i saw Theo instantly and wanted him instantly he was so cuddly and didn’t want me to put him down i got him then and there my partner wanted me to look at the other cats first but i didn’t care about the others i just wanted him

i only paid $280 for him desexed and everything. we were about to move at the time so the breeders agreed to keep him we paid for him and they kept him for us he was about 9 months when we picked him up he is now 13 months old and getting big

he’s such a lovely loving cat when i feel down or i’m sick he’s right there giving me loves and cheering me up. the only bad thing is he has sizures every month and a half the vets have no clue why. he can be a little odd he prefers rolled up paper bags to most cat toys he loves mice though and his scratching posts he hates lasers and catnip he puts up his nose like he’s too good for it.

i wouldn’t suggest buying a ”scat mat” to keep cat away from a place Theo just sits on it and just looks at us like ha ha ha you wasted you money

Ragdoll of the Week

we live in Australia and it’s been hard trying to find a litter tray big enough for him because they are so small sometimes when he poops it goes outside the litter tray

Theo got his name from Theodore Roosevelt as people also called him Teddy and Theo looked like a teddy but i didn’t want to call him that and of course Theo from alvin and the chipmunks.

He loves his food he could eat all day if we let him
he has raw meat in the morning with grain free biscuits and at night he has a tray of dine he loves it

he has a youtube channel it’s only new though.

He also has his own Facebook page called Theo the ragdoll

we have enclosed veranda he loves laying in there sun baking and watching birds

I love him very much he has made our lives so much better even though he can be a little brat at times.

love,Theo’s mum (Renee)


Ragdoll of the Week

Ragdoll of the Week

Ragdoll of the Week

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  1. Renee Yates says:

    hi i would like too update everyone
    Theo is now on medication and hasn’t has a seizure in 3 weeks i’m so happy about that 🙂

    1. thanks for the update – glad he is doing well

  2. Thank you for sharing your story and Theo’s precious pictures with us! I’m sure he is bringing you lots of joy and contentment 🙂 I agree with Wendy and Teresa; big, sturdy totes (preferably Rubbermaid) are great litter boxes for large cats. I switched to those for my first Ragdoll and have stuck with them. (For an elderly or sick cat or a kitten, you would need a lower-sided litter box.) Please persist until you can determine the cause of Theo’s seizures; then your vet can prescribe medication. I wish you a lifetime of happiness with beautiful Theo!

  3. ABarletta says:

    Theodore is adorable! Those incredible blue eyes and his precious markings! No wonder you fell in love. I wonder, did the breeder know about the seizures when you purchased him? He had him for quite a while. Hope you can control them. It will make the quality of his precious life so much better with meds and good vet care. Best of luck to you and your precious furbaby!

  4. Love Theo! That picture of him snoozing with his paw stuck out seems to capture your description of him perfectly. Looks like he’s plotting some mischief in his sleep!

    1. Renee Yates says:

      Absolutely he’s always up to mischief

  5. Teresa Reid says:

    Theo is gorgeous!!! What a precious little boy! So sorry he is having seizures and hope that the vet can give him meds to prevent them and while finding out why that is happening. Theo’s reaction to catnip is very much like my Gracie. She drools whenever she comes in contact with it and leaves the room like it is something horrible. Think that they both are just too sensitive to it. I’ve also tried Valerian, and Silvervine too but she just can’t stand it. Maybe your boy would like one those. Sometimes the simplest toy, a balled up piece of paper, or the plastic ring off the milk carton is cherished like the best toy of them all! As wendyknits said, you can certainly use another plastic container for his liter box. They are a lot cheaper and you can get a larger one and fill it without having to refill so often as long as you keep it clean and not let the soiled litter contaminate the surrounding litter. Don’t know if you have them in Australia, but the Rubbermaid Tough brand of plastic storage boxes is great. Have found that it has a very similar special coating like some of the better litter boxes in that it kinda repels the urine and so it doesn’t soak into the plastic. I’ve had one now that has lasted for about a year together with several others (for 3 cats) and they are still all holding up well. They are about $5-7 dollars here. Good luck and thanks so much for sharing Theo’s wonderful story. Wishing you and your sweet little one all the best for a very long and happy life together.♥♥♥

  6. Debbie Levin says:

    OMG, how stunning and adorable!!!

  7. Theo is absolutely adorable! What a gorgeous little boy.

    My suggestion for a litter box — find a large box meant for another use. My brother found a very large rectangular heavy plastic “box” at a hardware store and got it for me to use as a litter box. I can’t remember what it was supposed to be, but really you can use any large container, like something marketed as a storage bin. You just need to make sure the sides are low enough so Theo can easily jump in. and out. Mine is very heavy plastic and I’ve had it for years and it has held up beautifully.

    So . . . think outside the box. (Pardon the pun!)

    1. Renee Yates says:

      Thank you very much wendy for your advice
      we got him a shallow storage container and it works great 🙂

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