Winners of Surprise! Charlie’s 3rd Birthday Giveaway! – Update

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We were so stoked to win Surprise! Charlie’s 3rd Birthday Giveaway! package!  I learned the great news the DAY before my Ragdoll Kitten, Lola, arrived by

Lola bowl from LG Potter

Lola bowl from LG Potter

plane – and the gifts starting arriving 2 days later!  The sponsors were really on the ball!

LG Potter Ceramic Bowl – we were able to customize and pick our color and name badge – it is heavy-duty and one-of-a-kind!

Precious Cat Litter – this is the litter Lola’s breeder was using, so we were very glad to get more!  It is HANDS DOWN the best litter we’ve used – Nathan would cry about the dust in other scoopables, I think to dodge having to clean the box.  It clumps tight, has no dust, and Lola loved it so much, she’d roll in it!  (Weirdo)

Fizzion – Yep, we had to use this, unfortunately – a few weeks later, we brought home Selene, a Bengal kitten – she had some “stomach issues” and Fizzion knocked out the odor!  Thankfully, the indiscretions were on tile or wood floors, not carpeting….yet….but on hard surfaces, it worked fantastic!

Honest Kitchen – Wishes Treats – they sent us Haddock Fillets – Selene didn’t like traditional cat treats, but she tore these up!  They also sent bonus “Grace” and “Prowl” dehydrated whole food for cats – again, Selene was all over it!  Her breeder was feeding her meat, so no surprise there!

ModaPet Bowls – These are vibrant and bottom-weighted –  another gift for Selene!  She likes to play in her water bowl, so the weighted bottom has proved to be priceless!

Yeowww!  Catnip Prize Pack– WOW!  They hooked us up!  Our kittens are too young to ‘nip, but we did send the Banana to Darby, my dad’s cat –

Lola on the Pestages Snuggle Scratch and Rest

Lola on the Pestages Snuggle Scratch and Rest

she licks it, carries it around, bunny-kicks it – I can’t wait for our girls to get into the ‘nip!  Well-made and comical toys!

Petstages Scratch Snuggle and Rest – Lola wouldn’t lay in it, so we started playing “Kitten Roulette” by spinning balls inside the bowl – and then she got into it!  Both the girls nap in it now – or we invert it and put a toy under it!

Sleepypod  Crater Dot – This also took the girls a few days to get into, but now they jockey for position!  There is a slot on the bottom to insert a warming pad – we’ll have to get that for the winter, for sure!  Brilliant!

Serene on Sleepypod Crater Dot

Serene on Sleepypod Crater Dot

Litter Lifter – Pair these with  Precious Cat Litter, and you are SET for life!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  We are wasting far less litter, and getting much better results!

Imperial Cat Zen Lounger – The girls haven’t really gotten into this, but I love the design – we put it up and will try again in a few weeks.

Lola and Serene using out the Dog Spinny

Lola and Serene using out the Dog Spinny

The Company of Animals – Nina Ottoson’s Dog Spinny– this came last week but the girls already go nuts for it!  Selene has pretty well figured it out

Lola and Serene checking out the Dog Spinny

Lola and Serene checking out the Dog Spinny

and will steal the treats out from under Lola.  Great entertainment for us, as well as the kittens!

A great big “THANKS!” from Lola, Selene and us to and Charlie for sharing his Birthday Loot!  Our living room now looks like a daycare center, for all the toys scattered about!

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  1. Jobi Harris says:

    Congratulations! Everything looks wonderful and I am sure it will please the kitties. They are so so adorable!

  2. Makayla says:

    Congrats! Glad the kittens like them! 🙂

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