Winner of the May 2013 Giveaway: Petstages Cat Toy Packages

| July 5, 2013 | 3 Comments
Bella in the  New Fold Away Scratching Tunnel

Bella in the New Fold Away Scratching Tunnel

Heather was the grand prize winner of the May 2013 Giveaway: Petstages Cat Toy Packages.

Here is a list of what her kitties, Tasha and Bella, received:

I love, love, love when giveaway winner follows up with photos and a short story about their winnings – and even more so when they let me share it with you guys!

Here’s what Heather had to say:

“Our two cats, Bella & Tasha, absolutely love their new

Tasha in the Cuddle Coil playing with the New Kick & Scratch

Tasha in the Cuddle Coil playing with the New Kick & Scratch

Petstages toys!  Bella (the alpha cat) watched intently as we opened up the packages, just waiting for us to place her new toys on the floor.  While Bella sniffed out all of her new toys, Tasha, who is a bit timid, watched as I placed the Cuddle Coil on the floor and then ran to it right away and crawled inside (this was very impressive, as she normally keeps her distance while Bella checks out their new toys).  Bella really wanted to crawl inside the Cuddle Coil, but eventually accepted that her sister claimed it first.  As you can see in one of the pictures, Tasha also really enjoyed playing with the New Kick & Scratch.  As for Bella, she made her way to the New Fold Away Scratching Tunnel…and refused to come out of it for almost two full days!  At one point we thought something was wrong with her (the weather has been really hot here in Los Angeles), but in reality she was claiming the tunnel as hers.”

Tasha in the Cuddle Coil

Tasha in the Cuddle Coil

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  1. Lynn says:

    So cute- lucky kitties! I love the scratching tunnel, but can’t seem to find it anywhere to buy! Is it a new product from Petstages that they haven’t released for sale yet?

  2. Congrats on your win, Heather! Your Bella and Tasha are beautiful! Love the pictures!

    Warmest regards,

    Patti & Pink Sugar (my Raggie kitten)

  3. Sandy Wuerch says:

    Pet stages make Quality items….we love all their Toys here!!
    I have not seen the scratch Tunnel here yet?? will have to watch for it!!
    Our Cats love to Watch me vacuum up all their FUN 😉

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