Where Do Ragdoll Cats Originate From?


Origins of the Ragdoll Cat

Rags Ragdoll Cat in a SinkEver wonder about the origins of your beautiful, loveable Ragdoll kitty? Ragdoll cats have such a distinctive temperament and physical appearance, even with some variations in coloring, and these traits were intentionally bred to eventually arrive at the docile, soft, affectionate cats that cat owners know and love today. Below is some information on the beginnings of the Ragdoll cat breed.

Ragdoll Origins: Maverick Breeders

The origins of Ragdoll cat breeding are a bit nontraditional, with the first Ragdoll breeder, Ann Baker, turning away from traditional cat breeding associations to set up her own registry, the international Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA), in 1971. Baker trademarked the breed name “Ragdoll” and required Ragdoll breeders or sellers to follow specific standards and not register their cats in other breeding associations.

Although the IRCA still exists today, it is small and still not recognized by major cat breed or show associations. Because no other association can use the name “Ragdoll,” other offshoot groups have left the IRCA and established their own breeds, including the Ragamuffin breed.

Ragdoll Cat Breed: Back to the Founding Cats

The Ragdoll cat line can be traced back to Josephine, a non-pedigreed, white, long-haired Persian/Angora cat, who was bred with several Birman or Burmese-esque cats. The litters they produced included docile, affectionate cats with the famous Ragdoll trait of going limp when picked up.

Baker continued to breed the line for cats with these characteristics, selecting for traits like the tendency to relax when picked up, pointed coloration, large size, and the sweet Ragdoll cat personality. These early litters ultimately led to Daddy Warbucks, a white-footed seal point, who was bred with Buckwheat, a brown-black Burmese-like female and the bi-color Fugianna. All recognized ragdolls today are descendants of these cats.

Today, Ragdolls are marketed by Ragdoll cat breeders as being particularly family-friendly, calm cats, with striking blue eyes, and Ragdoll cat colors include pointed, mitted, bi-color, high-mitted bi-color and lynx. As a beautiful and sweet breed, these kitties make great pets and are a delight to so many cat lovers.

Do you have any facts to share about where Ragdoll cats originate from?

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