The Pet Tree House

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Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Blue

Cats love to be in high places so that they can look down and watch the world go buy. Also it is a great vantage point for pouncing particularly for Ragdolls. This item is not only climbing equipment it is an actual tree with a tree-house for your cat built in. This cat tree house was built with your cats every need in mind.

The Pet Tree House is for indoor use in a control environment. The tree will adapt to it's environment and change with a slight turn. There are three sizes available, The Sapling Cat Tree, The Medium Cat Tree and The Large Cat Tree which is particularly well suited for multiple cat homes. The Large CatTree is a piece of unique cat furniture, standing a whopping seven feet. There is plenty of room to explore and play.

The leaves are synthetic silk and the branches make for great scratching. There is also plenty of plush carpeting. Not only are these trees great for your pet, they are also a handsome addition to your home decor. Each unit is one of a kind crafted by artisans. Your cat will have a place to engage in her natural inclinations of climbing, playing, hunting and generally lounging around in her very own tree house.

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