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I have a 6 year old, not particularly social, Sealpoint Ragdoll already. I had been looking for another Ragdoll, a blue lynx specifically for a over a year. I found a wonderful breeder in Raleigh NC . I had been working with her for months but when the right kitten didn’t come along, I decided to wait. I was also considering a move at the time so the timing seemed best.  One day late August 2010,  I was browsing through breeder websites as I often did. I saw Taylor. and it was love at first sight . There was just something in his eyes that said “pick me” and I knew I had to have him. By September 1st all arrangements had been made and Taylor would be on his way.



Taylor arrived
September 18, 2011
He flew in from a breeder on the east coast in the midst of what turned out to be a tornado near La Guardia Airport. His flight was 6 hours late and by the time he arrived I was a wreck. Despite a long12 hours on the plane Taylor came through a little wet, but otherwise relatively unscathed. By the time we got home it was 2 AM but time didn’t have any meaning. Taylor was so happy to take all the love I could give. A love which knew no bounds for the 8 wonderful months he was on earth

Taylor at 4 Months

Taylor at 4 Months

From day one Taylor had the most infectious personality. He was a loving, bright, and curious little kitten.. totally devoted to me. He always woke me up in the morning, met me at the door when I came home and followed me all over the house. He had not quite become a lap cat per se, choosing instead to lie on the floor with his head on my feet. There was  only one place where Taylor loved to sit on my lap and that hilariously of all was in the bathroom!

Taylor at 5 Months

Taylor at 5 Months

Taylor brought such joy and laughter into my life. He was like a ray of sunshine and I couldn’t get home fast enough each day to see him..

Taylor had some abdominal problems when I first got him and as you can see, he liked to spread out his bloated little belly by the fireplace. The problem, with a change of food to Royal Canin and of his feeding schedule seemed to resolve. He fought his way through those early health issues or so we thought. Nonetheless, Taylor continued to thrive and to grow and was well on his way to becoming an extraordinary cat.

Taylor at 5 MonthsTaylor was both silly and playful and oh so funny. His #1 favorite toy was the Laser Bolt by Frolicat. Taylor never tired of chasing it and I appreciated the mirror deflection function so as not to damage little eyes. The next most popular toy was the Neko Flies although he was most inclined to jump on the bed and play with them there.

Taylor at 5 Months

Taylor at 5 Months

Da Bird came in a close third bit as with all cats you have to change it up to avoid boredom Interactive play was his thing. I rarely saw him engaged in self play during the daytime, but someone was up moving all the little ping pong and glow in the dark balls at night. Taylor loved anything he could put in his mouth and carry around. Qtips were quite the hit and he would bat them around for a bit and then carry them to the net play spot. Taylor also loved tissue paper. I would keep several pieces of it draped around the scratching post and inevitably by the end of the day the paper was all over the place. The minute Taylor heard me picking up the paper, he would barrel in from wherever he had been and run underneath it so I could wrap him up as “my little Christmas package” He just loved that.



Taylor’s favorite playtimes were 5AM and 12PM. What a wonderful way it was to start and finish my days. His favorite places were always the bed and his cat tree, both to play and to sleepTaylor was particularly fond of chasing hiss tail. He discovered it one day when he was turning around in the empty tub, another favorite place to play. Thereafter, no matter where he was he would endlessly try to catch that elusive little tail.



Taylor was extremely photogenic and I have hundreds of photos of him. The only problem was that he knew in an instant that I picked up the camera or cell phone and in most instances would turn around and disappear.

I am so thankful for these photos because one day I came home and Taylor didn’t meet me at the door. That was very strange and over the next two days I realized that something was terribly wrong. Taylor’s blood test came back positive for Coronavirus and in many cases as in Taylor’s, the virus mutates into FIP. After 10 days of aggressive treatment I brought Taylor home to spend his last days at home.



On Friday May 13, 2011 my precious Taylor lost his battle with the virus that had invaded his body. We were never able to definitively diagnose him with FIP as he did not live long enough for the Ultrasound and biopsy that would have confirmed the diagnosis..

I had been planning on writing a Cat of the Day article for months and now I do so to honor Taylor’s memory.. Peace my little baby. You were loved and forever be missed.









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  1. Jeanie H. says:

    What a lovely and sweet tribute to your Taylor. He was a beautiful cat. I am so sorry for your loss

  2. Rebecca MI says:

    I am sorry for the loss of your beautiful Raggie what a tribute, my co-workers will be wondering why I have tears in my eyes

  3. Jackie says:

    What a precious, heart warming story. Beautiful Taylor, he’ll always be in your heart. What a good mamma to give him your devotion during his short life. He sounds like he was a bundle of fun and joy. I’m sorry you lost him so young.

  4. Laura C says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful little ragdoll. Even though he was only with you for a short time, it sounds like he made sure to give you the love of a lifetime. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  5. Rebekah C says:

    I am so very, very sorry to hear about your loss. We also lost our ragdoll kitten at less than 7 months to FIP (wet form). It was devastating and happened very quickly. Taylor was a beautiful boy and I’m sure had the most wonderful life he could with you while he was alive. Sending positive thoughts your way…..

    • Beth says:

      Rebekah, we lost a kitty to wet form FIP, too, many years ago. (Our Princess wasn’t a Ragdoll.) It happened fast and without warning. My vet said it is very rare in our rural area and assured us we weren’t negligent by not vaccinating against FIP.

      Losing a beloved pet is terrible. I don’t know what’s worse–if they are young and die or when they are older and slowly decline. I do know each time one of mine dies it practically kills me…

      • Rebekah C says:

        Thanks Beth—-it was incredibly devastating, as is losing a pet at any age to any reason. We eventually adopted a rescue tortie cat, and then got another ragdoll kitten the following summer, and both have helped us heal. However, the memories of Jasper are never far away….

  6. Lisa Barsalona says:

    I too am very sorry for your loss. You gave him a wonderful home with lots of love for the short time he was here. Now he is going to be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge where he is now healthy and happy frolicking around with other cats until we can join them. He was a beautiful little boy. Please don’t give up on getting another love in your life when you are ready. He would want it that way. Good Luck and God Bless!!

  7. Beth says:

    Thank you for sharing Taylor’s pictures and story. He was such a beautiful darling! My heart breaks for you and for him <3

  8. Pat Duerksen says:

    As I write this, tears are running down my cheeks. Beautiful Taylor loved you so much too, giving himself over to have fun and please you. I totally understand how the loss affects you, I too, lost my beloved Crimson. This was a wonderful tribute about Taylor….keep all those precious pictures in a “Taylor” book, it helps to go through it after some healing time.

    • Rebekah C says:

      We also made a book for Jasper after he passed, and we are so thankful we did. We spent hours writing down our memories of him, and although it was painful, the memories were still fresh in our mind. We later created a photo book on Shutterfly with photos and all the memories we wrote down. Nowadays, when we look at the book and read the memories that we included, we are happily reminded of the happy memories, not those of him being sick and dying.

  9. Betty says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Taylor looks and sounds so precious. It sounds like the two of you were made for each other.

  10. Beth says:

    I cried, too… Pat, your Taylor Book is a wonderful suggestion.

  11. Melody says:

    Aw I am so sorry for your loss..I am glad that you and Taylor were able to share a wonderful memory with each other, he was a sweetheart!

  12. Pam C. says:

    Your Taylor was such a beautiful baby boy. Your stories of him remind me of my baby Piper. I am truly sorry for the loss of your angel.

  13. Geo says:

    Just want to add my condolences. I am so sorry to hear of your beautiful baby’s passing…Your tribute to him is so touching and then so sad. Sounds like he had a wonderful life with you while it lasted..

  14. Beth says:

    Every kitty we’ve had has been a rescue of some kind (Rebekah, one is a 13-year-old tortoise shell). Two were Raggies. If only kitties could live as long as we do… healthy and with a wonderful quality of life, of course! But the love they share with us while we have them is worth the hurt when we lose them. It’s just so hard when they pass away.

  15. Azizah says:

    Oh man… I cried like a baby after reading this. Thank you for sharing Taylor’s story. I’m so sorry you had to experience the devastation of FIP. Taylor very obviously had a wonderful life with you in his short time here.

  16. Colleen says:

    What a touching story, so sorry for your loss! Taylor was such a beautiful boy.

  17. Judy Lynn says:

    Taylor was gorgeous and I can identify with your loss. I recently lost my beautiful Blue Point Ragdoll, KoKo Puff, to FIP at only 14 mos. of age. I had never heard of FIP before and was devastated by his loss. I brought him to the vet on Tuesday and It only took til Thursday to realize he was getting worse and was probably suffering–the vet also said his mind was gone. I think he was blind by then too. It was heartbreaking to see him caged up those few days, frightened & not knowing what was happening, so we decided the best thing for him was euthanasia. FIP is a horrible, nasty disease & I don’t think there’s even a test for it. I want another Ragdoll desperately but I’m so afraid of this virus, I don’t know what to do. I couldn’t go through that heart ache again.

  18. Michelle says:

    Though I’d worked in veterinary medicine and saw one case of wet FIP diagnosed, I’d never encountered it personally until we lost two of our babies to dry FIP in late March and early April of 2011…just before you lost Taylor. His story caught my eye because we also have blue lynxes. As a breeder, our loss was no more emotional but compounded by the lack of knowledge BY ANYONE about the disease, including those researching it thanks to Winn Feline Foundation grants and university programs, many of which are supported by and contributed to by breeders who wish to never lose another kitten to FIP. For ethical and compassionate breeders, their personal loss is compounded by the fear of placing a kitten with a loving guardian knowing the virus is undetectable (no current reliable test at this time) and, if it manifests, will devastate someone who has likely been anticipating the arrival of a kitten for quite a long time. However, the risk of exposure to FCoV — the fairly mild intestinal virus that’s believed to mutate IN SOME INDIVIDUALS and cause FIP — is extremely high in any cat that’s been in a multi-cat environment, including shelters and fosters. FIP has not been associated with any breed, color, or type of cat to my knowledge. In my opinion, the most responsible thing a breeder or adoption coordinator can do is speak freely about their experience because there is a lack of awareness of dry FIP particularly, even in the veterinary community, and to offer a replacement or refund if the kitten develops FIP within a two year period.

    I am very sorry that any of us have suffered losses from FIP and am committed to doing what I can to support research of this mysterious and elusive killer.

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