Striped Hemp Pet Beds

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Do you want comfort, style, and restful nights for your cat? These Striped Hemp Pet Beds have colors and sizes to choose from so you can choose which beds for cats is the one that you prefer depending on the area that you will put it in so it can match your home decor. When they wake up they will feel relaxed, fresh, and rejuvenated, ready for a new day or to go about their usual activities after a nice cat nap. It may be the right kind of cushion bed that you can put nearly anywhere, even in your vehicle. 

Striped Hemp Pet BedsSince cats spend about 18 hours of sleep a day, depending on their age, it is good that you give them the best kind of bed for them to sleep to make those hours do wonders for your cat. This is extremely durable, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and is also mildew resistant. Pick the beds for cats that can match your other cat products. Your pet will be a really ‘cool cat’ when the lie around and lounge on their new Striped Hemp Pet Bed.
Rectangle Bed Sizing:
Small: 20 x 25"
Medium: 29 x 36"
Large: 36 x 44"
Round Bed Sizing:
Small: 25"
Medium: 35"
Large: 45"

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