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| February 14, 2011 | 10 Comments
Smokie 11 weeks old

Smokie 11 weeks old

Unfortunately we lost our seven year old Ragdoll Louie in April 2010. He suffered from a kidney disorder and there was no hope for cure. We were, of course, very sad as he was the second we had had who didn’t grow old.

Smokie 9 weeks

Smokie 9 weeks

After a while we began searching for a new Ragdoll and we found LaGotto in Sweden. He was a blue lynx mitted with hourglass blaze and he was absolutely gorgeous.

Unfortunately he has a little white tail tip, so he’s not a show cat. But I was totally in love with the picture I saw from the breeder Unni Fyrpihl so I persuaded my husband to drive all the way from Denmark to Sweden to get this little floppy guy whose

Smokie 12 weeks old

Smokie 12 weeks old

parents tested negative for HCM and PKD/CIN. Please check to see all the beautiful Ragdolls Unni Fyrpihl breeds. She is a recommendable and serious breeder!

Smokie at 8 months

Smokie at 8 months

So we bought LaGotto – or Smokie as we call him here – in May 2010 and he is the most wonderful kitty you can imagine. We just love him<3<3<3. I have had many cats during the years, mostly Maine Coons which I was breeding but also two other Ragdolls, but S*Fyrpihls LaGottò alias Smokie is the absolutely best. He’s purring as a machine and he is always ready for fun – he loves to apport things but only black things, for example small black balls with feathers or my daughters hair elastics.

Smokie at 10 months old

Smokie at 10 months old

He is now a young handsome guy, 10 month old and weighs almost 5,5 kg (5.5 kgs = 12.12 lbs.). He is awesome and the centre of the entire family. He follows us like a puppy from room to room. We have to be careful where we step, because he does not feel much, if any pain at all, so we have to be very observant. But he is definitely worth taking extra care of. I’m quite sure that our Smokie is the cutest floppycat in Denmark right now!

Smokie at 11 months old

Smokie at 11 months old


Smokie at 11 months old


Do you have a Ragdoll cat?  Would you like for she or he to be featured on like Smokie?  Please read our guidelines for Ragdoll of the Week here and then feel free to contact us and submit your kitty’s story and photos.

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  1. lisa S says:

    Smokie is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. GlamKitty says:

    What a stunning boy!! 🙂

  3. Jackie says:

    Smokey is absolutely gorgeous. So he has a white tail tip. That’s OK. He probably doesn’t want to be a show cat, anyway. 🙂 He’s pretty, white tip tail and all.

  4. Jackie says:

    PS: I’m sorry you lost Louie, I bet he was a sweetheart.

  5. Rebekah C says:

    He is BREATHTAKINGLY handsome! Oh!

  6. Katrin N says:

    He looks like the most handsome cat in the world, I’m sure he is a bloody sweet cat 🙂

  7. Unni Fyrpihl says:

    Oh my little cuddling baby… You are growing to be a big boy… I still love you and you have a place in my heart forever and ever… Do you remember Your daily massage that I gave you every day since the first day of birth… Love and Hugs…

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day, Smokey and family.

    My, but you are handsome!

    Love your story as to how you came to be with your humans.

    And we’re sorry to learn about your early loss.

  9. Melody says:

    Smokie is an adorable and beautiful family member!

  10. Susanne Schimmel says:

    Thank you everybody for your sweet comments. He is actually an adorable cat with so much “ragdoll attitude”<3<3<3
    Once again thank you Unni for breeding this wonderful boy. He is all I wished for. I wish that I could find a lilac lynx mitted ragdoll as well and persuade my husbond to one more Ragdoll:-)

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