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Back in 2007 I was going through adoptable pet ads on when I came across a listing for a 6 year old male Ragdoll. I had loved the breed from the first moment I seen pictures and read about them in books. Then after seeing them at a local cat show I knew I had to have one. In the listing for the Ragdoll was the price of $25…I was in shock.

Right away I contacted the person, and about 2 weeks later on labor day weekend I went to meet him. At the time his name was Casper. He lived in a big nice home but was always in the basement because he was afraid of the dogs and children.



The moment I laid my eyes on him I knew he was coming home with me to a better life, maybe not in a big home but he would be loved and cared for, and would no longer have to hide in the basement. So I loaded up Casper, his automatic litter box, brush, and carrier in my car and we went home. His name was changed to Sebastian which I feel better suites such a beautiful breed. It took a little while for him to warm up to me but we are now best of friends…he is my fur baby.



Sebastian loves to bask in the sun, sit in the window on his window perch, lay beside me and just purr away, climb under blankets and even my shirt when I am wearing it, and even for an older cat he gets his burst of energy and runs up and down the stairs. He is now 10 years old, loves his morning and evening treats, and he can be found lounging around in those wild Ragdoll flop positions.

Melissa Davis
Triangle, VA

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  1. George Hall says:

    It is always a great feel good story to see a beautiful Ragdoll find a home that wants to give him or her a better home. Thank you for sharing Sebastien with us. Is that his own little bed?

  2. Melissa Davis says:

    George, you are very welcome. The picture is of Sebastian laying on an old futon I had. He does have his own bed/basket but he would rather take a nap on the sofa or my bed.

  3. Geo says:

    Awww! Sebastian is a very beautiful boy! And so lucky to be so loved by you.

  4. Betty says:

    Oh – such a cute fur-baby! I love your pet name for him – it makes it very obvious how much you love him. Lucky boy. It sounds like a match made in heaven.

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