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Meet My Rags
8/8/89 – 3/30/09


Rags ©2006 Elaina G Photography

Rags by Elaina

Rags ©2006 Elaina G Photography

Meet my Rags.  You might recognize his photo from our social media channels – I use that black and white photo of him as our profile photo on our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.  There is good reason for that – Rags is the reason this website exists – he taught me about soulmate connections, life and love.  He was my comfort growing up and knew all of my secrets.  He came into my life when I was 10 years old, and he passed in 2009 when I was 29 years old.   The 19.5 years that I spent with him inspired the creation of this site.  I hope you enjoy reading about one of the great loves of my life.

My parents gifted my siblings and me Rags and his half brother, Cosby as kittens in 1989 as a surprise Christmas present (see photo – I am holding Rags).  Rags and Cosby were seal mitted Ragdoll cats.  Cosby had a white chin and Rags had a dark chin.  As far as show standards are concerned, seal mitted Ragdolls are supposed to have white chins.  Whenever I showed breeders a photo of my Rags, they always thought he was a seal point, if they couldn’t see his paws.  Because of his dark chin he was also often mistaken for a Siamese or a Birman cat.  It is because of his “mis-marked” dark chin that I immediately fall in love with a seal mitted Ragdoll with a dark chin.

Marsh, Cosby, Spencer, Jenny, Rags and Snickers

I am holding Rags. My older brother, Marsh, is holding Cosby and Snickers is the GSD.

Rags and his half brother, Cosby, were “replacements” for my very first Ragdoll, Skittles, who died at 2 years of age from FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis).  Unfortunately, Cosby died at 10 months old of FIP. The vet told us then that Rags had probably been exposed to the disease and would never be affected by it since he hadn’t technically “caught it”. Thank goodness!

Rags and Cosby both came from Ragnarok Cattery in Mira Loma, CA. When we adopted Cosby and Rags, they were unable to tell us which kitten was from which mother, but they did have the same father, Ragnarok’s Thor.

Here are the pedigrees that we received for Cosby and Rags:

Rags Pedigree - Ragnarok's Thor, Ragnarok's Merry, Ragnarok's Duchess, David and Georgann Chambers

So, we ended up losing both Cosby and Skittles from FIP – less than 2 years apart from one another.  There are few photos of Rags and Cosby together due to Cosby’s short life.  In the photo below, Rags is the background and Cosby in the foreground.

Rags and Cosby

Rags and Cosby

Rags Swimming

Since I was 10 years old when we got Rags, it probably comes as no surprise that I entertained him and myself by dressing him in Cabbage Patch clothes, putting him in the pool, strolling him around in baby carriages, bringing him with me on the jetskis, etc.  I lugged him around everywhere and that’s probably why he was so mellow in public (we went to Petsmart or Petco on occasion when he was feeling well up until about 1 month before he passed) all the time. Well, he did have that fabulous Ragdoll personality that allowed for him to be more docile than other cats in general.

I rarely called him, “Rags”, unless talking about him – if I was addressing him, I would call him various names – including, but not limited to: Naggle, Freegie, Poo, Raggle Raggle.

Rags and Jenny

This is Rags and me. This photo was taken for the back cover of my book, Latina Filmmakers and Writers: The Notion of Chicanisma Through Films and Novellas. Photo credit is © Elaina Generally Photography 2007

In 2004, I searched on the Internet to find two Ragdoll kittens for my parents (all in an effort to eventually steal Rags from my parents). I had graduated from college and had just finished two Masters degrees, but had not found a job, so was living at home (and was living at home because my mom would not let me take Rags to live with me elsewhere – so in order to be with him and sleep with him, I remained at my parents’ house).  I managed to talk my mom into getting 2 new Ragdoll kittens, Caymus and Murphy.  They were adopted from Bluegrass Rags in Kentucky. Surprisingly enough at the age of 15 (and being an only cat nearly his entire life), Rags was very accepting of the kittens –no peeing as a result! (Learn how we introduced Caymus and Murphy to Rags when he was 15-years old: Introducing New Cats into Your Household).  For being a single cat and only growing up with dogs, Rags took well to the new kittens – more than I thought he would.  Caymus and Murphy’s breeder had recommended that we get 2 kittens so that they would play with each other rather than bug Rags and it was a perfect scenario – and great advice.  Worked like a charm.

Caymus, Murphy and Rags Sleeping on Dog Bed

Clockwise from top: Caymus, Murphy and Rags


A year after we got Caymus and Murphy, in December 2005, Rags was diagnosed with lymphoma and was given 4-12 months to live if given chemotherapy. If no chemo, then 4-8 weeks.  Against our doc’s advice and against the advice of other family members, my mom and I decided that we would try chemo and see if it would help him.  Best decision ever.  He outlived his prognosis and went into remission – Rags lived another 3+ years.  I have a separate page about his lymphoma journey.

Due to his fantastic internist, Dr. Michael Wasmer, at Mission Med Vet, Rags was treated with two different protocols.  Dr. Wasmer consulted often with feline oncologist Dr. Claudia Barton at Texas A&M University as to the proper protocol for Rags’ situation. He also had surgery three times – the surgeon was Dr. Jayce Lineberger – what an incredible heart this man has!

Rags Belly Surgery

Rags’ belly shaved after his first exploratory surgery

Zipper Belly

Rags’ zipper belly after his first surgery

Rags and Caymus Sleeping

Caymus and Rags sleeping together.

As you can see, Rags responded very well to his chemo protocol and obviously outlived his diagnosis (Rags’ life was finally taken from his kidney failure)…in fact he lived another 3.25 years after the cancer diagnosis. I was thrilled, and he puzzled all the doctors…who would tell me, “I don’t know what to tell you about that cat anymore–he’s incredible”. Of course, he had three surgeries to remove tumors–so there was a lot of help. During the last surgery, right before New Year’s 2007, they found a tumor in his liver which they could not remove, but it was benign.

Here is the picture of that tumor. You can tell where the tumor is because of the white instrument that is pointing to it.

Liver Tumor

Rags’ Liver Tumor

Due to Rags’ Lymphoma and just because he was an old kitty, he had his blood drawn routinely every three months.  If you are interested in reviewing Rags’ medical records from when he was going through his chemo protcol you can see them on Rags’ lymphoma page.

Rags was never much fond of toys or treats. But at the age of 15, my mom purchased Rags a Yeowww! Catnip Banana. And it was a hit. He, at the age of 18.5, still played with it on a daily basis.

I honor Rags every year on the site, sometimes several times a year – but usually always on his birthday – August 8, 1989 and on the anniversary of his death – March 30, 2009.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my Rags – you can see more videos and photos of him below.

Rags Christmas 2007

This is Freegie Pooh (what I affectionately called him) near Christmas 2007. He is 18 in this photo!

Rags in Snow

Rags in the Snow

Rags and Mouse

Rags at age 8 with a mouse.

Rags under Japanese Maple

Rags under Japanese Maple

Rags' Behind

Rags on Patio at 18 years old

See MORE PHOTOS OF RAGS or check out Rags Videos

If you want to see more of Rags on this website, please feel free to visit the following pages:


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  1. Katrina says:

    What an amazing story. I am sitting here with tears running down my face. We just put our kitty Lilo to sleep in late Feb. for the same exact reason. He was fine one day and almost completly gone the next. They found a tumor the size of an orange in his belly and multiple masses in one of his kidneys. He was such a great companion and we miss him so much. He was just a few months short of being 9. You are very fortunate to have had 20 years with Rags. I now wonder if surgey would have helped. Although the vet said he didn’t think it would, I now am second guessing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story

    • Jenny says:

      It’s been awhile since someone commented on Mr. Raggies’ page!

      I am sorry to here of Lilo. Putting them down is the worst thing ever and losing him that quickly is NOT fun.

      Yes, I was very fortunate to have my Raggies for 20 years. I did lose my first cat, Skittles at almost 2 years old and Rags’ brother at 10 months old, so I think it was my turn to have a cat that lived a long time. Man, I MISS HIM!

      Raggies didn’t have masses in his kidneys, so I am not sure about surgery and kidneys. They didn’t think Rags was long for this world, but he told me he was and thank god my dad was willing to try.

  2. melody says:

    Oh how Im so sorry for your loss. I too have a ragdoll his name is Marley. Marley is nothing like the internet said he would be. Marley loves to tear his toys up and anything else that he can get into. Docile…no way. This cat loves to be up high…as high as he can be. We have a cat tree that goes all the way up to the ceiling..9ft ceilings too.
    Marley is not like my other kitties either. He will not eat tuna because he does not want to mess his pretty face up. Hes a very clean kitty. Treats…no he does not want treats either.All the other cats eat the treats but not Marley. Marley is a very unique kitty. I love ragdolls and maine coons. Both of these breeds are not like regular kitties. Drop by my website and you can get to know my Marley.

  3. melody says:

    Marley saids Thank You!!!

  4. coolcat2197 says:

    Great story . I was going through really tough times the past 6 months and started looking for a cat to ease the pain that when i met the ragdolls . i fell in love fast and started looking for one but this breed dont exist in Saudi Arabia .The search for a ragdoll took 4 months but no hope of finding one . one week ago i got a 5 months old himylain moon face male cat . He is really a sweet heart and floppy too. I think there is a rag deep inside of him .
    I really envy you US people for having these wonderful creatures .

    • Jenny says:

      Rags was such a cool cat, I’d do anything to have him back. Thank you. Ragdolls are actually found all over the world. I know there are a number of breeders in Europe and Australia as well as South Africa. I’d love to see your Himi – would you be up for sharing a short story and a photo? http://www.floppycats.com/ragdoll-of-the-week.html

      • Maria says:

        I loved reading your site. I LOVE ragdolls. We had one that our oldest daughter won in a fall festival raffle at her Middle school many yrs ago. She couldn’t think of a name for him so she named him “Raffle”. Raffle was THE BEST CAT EVER!!! Our entire family fell so madly in love with him….even extended family and ALL of our friends. My niece (age 2 at the time) would try to pick him up and carry him around his neck…..YIKES. (of course we stopped her) But, Raffle NEVER so much as growled. He just hung there looking at us like “Please, can someone save me?” As he got older I believe that Raffle thought he was a dog. Whenever someone would knock on our front door, he would sit by the door and growl. So funny.
        We had Raffle for 11 (ELEVEN) WONDERFUL & LOVE FILLED Years. He died VERY suddenly one day and we never knew why. He was sleeping on our bed, as he always did, between mine and my husband’s pillows – he would wiggle himself under the covers 😉 My husband (John) had been in there a few hours prior and at that time, Raffle lifted his head upon hearing John enter the room. John said hello to him and pet him.
        Then a few hours later when John went to go to bed he called me from the kitchen where I was with my mother who was visiting. I went to our room and he told me “Raffle is dead in our bed”………WHAT?!!!! We all LOST OUR MINDS that night. We thought that he was immortal of course…..He had absolutely NO signs of anything being wrong with him. It was a COMPLETE SHOCK to us all. That was 5 LONG yrs ago. We miss him everyday. To this day I find myself looking online occasionally for another cat that looks like Raffle because he was so beautiful. This is what I was doing today and how I ended up stumbling upon your website. Raffle looked VERY MUCH like your Rags only with shorted hair and the dark on his legs went all the way to his feet (no white feet).
        I feel your pain and I pray you find Rags’ decedents that you are looking for. Good luck and thank you SO MUCH for sharing your story with us.

        • Jenny says:

          Thanks, Maria. I am sorry to hear about Raffle – what a way to lose him. That would be really hard. Sounds like Raffle was a seal colorpoint – that’s what Rags would have been without his mitts.

          I did find descendents of Rags – Trigg and ended up getting Charlie was the same breeder as Trigg.

          Floppycats features a new Ragdoll every week as Ragdoll of the Week every Monday – so you can read more stories. Of course, you can always share Raffle if you want!

          • Maria says:

            Yes, Raffle was a seal colorpoint. He got very dark as he got older.
            He was not only the best cat there ever was in my lifetime, but he was practically FREE. Can you imagine. He was found near a dumpster with his siblings and mother. Someone called the area vet who came and took them. He donated Raffle to the schools fall festival Raffle. The best Dollar we ever spent 😉 He came with one yr free vet care, was neutered, had all shots, etc.
            I will have to dig up some pictures (or take some out of frames) and post them for you. How would I go about doing that or “sharing Raffle” as you said. In the blog section? Still getting to know your site. Thanks

          • Jenny says:

            Actually, Maria, Ragdoll of the Week is all done through e-mail and I post them to the site – here are the guidelines – http://www.floppycats.com/ragdoll-of-the-week.html and instructions on what to do.

            That’s a great story about him.

  5. candace crawley says:

    I am so moved by your story and the devotion you both had for eachother. I, too, am a ragdoll owner, or should i say she owns me! My Miss Priss was rescued from some unruly kids in the neighborhood of my girlfriend. She laid claim to her, and called me to take her and I am so glad I did, She has brought us so much joy and 2 very beautiful litters of kittens. My mother took over ownership of her when she became ill and Miss Priss brought companship and peace to my mother the last 5 years of her life. These regal animals have such class and elegance far beyond other breeds. I am a lifelong cat and dog lover, really any animal, but these two are my favorites, and Miss Priss will be one of my best. She is going on 13 years old, just when i think she is slowing down and maybe on her last leg, she rebounds and springs back to life. My son calls her the “Ninja” cat. She enters the room with stealth and authority, my other two cats ( and the dogs) give her a wide berth , she intimidates them so bad. She doesnt have to do anything but enter the room,.Its pretty funny to watch. In closing i must say, If you ever want a life long buddy, and compainion that is beautiful and sophicated, treat yourself to a ragdoll cat. You will be forever hooked on this breed and will never want to be without one in your life. Sincerely, candy

    • Jenny says:

      HI Candy,

      Thank you for sharing your Miss Priss with me. I love the old ones – I bet she is wonderful. She sounds wonderful! I would love to see a photo of her – you can always email me one at info [at] floppycats.com.


  6. Kathy Miller says:

    I see why Moose appeals to you because he looks a LOT like Rags. What a sweet kitty Rags was/is. I believe they are always with you; you just can’t always see them.

    • Jenny says:

      I just saw that photo of Moose again the other day and he is such a knock out. You are right, Rags did have some of the gorgeous qualities of MOOSE!! I love that name – a co-worker of mine had a lab with that name. Anyway, I just watched a video the other day with my family and Rags was 3 years old in it – oh my god, I wanted to reach through the screen and have him at that age again. What a cool cat he was!! I believe he is with me when I need him – I do not believe he is always here. He did tell animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick that he would come back as my next cat – so of course, I want to get another one straight away – but can’t financially right now.

  7. Deenie says:

    Hello all,
    I have a guy named Cory, I got him in Corvallis Oregon, when he was 8 weeks old. He is now 12 1/2 years old. I know what you mean about not being able to sleep without your guy. Cory has hemoragic carcenoma, a type of cancer, sorry I don’t spell well. He had a lesion removed back in 2004. The vet then told us that it was an old cat’s desease. He was only four. I still have him and he got it back. There are even more lesions than that one he had in 2004. He is so my baby. I had flame point who was my first Ragdoll. When I got him I had no ideal of what breed he was. All I knew was when I picked him up at a pet store and started to walk around with him he kissed my nose, that was it I melted. he passed at about 3 years old he had bladder problems. He was actually put on a kitty type of medication for his frame of mind. He was so sweet and very determined that my shoulder was the place for him to be. So, every where I went I had a 16 pound brooch hehe. I got Cory when “Uncle” Franky was still alive. They were in love with each other. Cory used to play “wild kingdom” on poor Franky! Franky would be sleeping? Cory would be looking at him and sizing him up and start the cat wiggle and then boom he would land side ways on the “sleeping” Frankie lol. They both loved it when i changed the bed when Cory was a kitten he would be under the bottom sheet and pull himself along the underside of the sheet with his claws and all you could see were these very pink toes. Frankie made sure that Cory knew what a litter box was for. They were great together. The only thing that Frankie would not do well was ride in the car. For Cory this is the best treat in the world. Like all of the rest of you I find that Cory will not eat cat treats however, now in his older age and he and I are the only ones around he will ask for the tiniest bit of beef, pork or chicken just a taste Mom.

    When he goes I will be very upset even thinking about it makes me start to cry.

    He talks way more now then he used to I get into trouble if I come home after he thinks I should be. He demands that I move things off of the arm of my chair so that he can jump up and sit beside me. He purrs now which he never did before. When it is cold out he will curl around my arm. He is also a helper guy, if I don’t get up with my alarm he comes and stares at me or uses me as a hurtle until I get up. These are all things he has taken on himself. I caught him one night he was making sure I was asleep before he got off of the bed to go and have a bite to eat. He is so concered with me as much as I am with him.

    My vet told me that his cancer is slow growing. He is not in any pain, I watch him like a hawk. My vet makes sure he is doing well too. I took him in last week cause I didn’t recognise what was on his chin it terrifed me. All it was, was pimples! Thank the Lord.

  8. Sheila says:

    Hi…I’ve read all your stories. 2 of our 3 beloved cats died this year and we are heartsick. Peanut was the momma, she was a calico and so sweet, gracious & loving. Her son Opie…he just died in June. Opie was my boy…he was a ginger boy, sweet, loving, floppy and just a wonderful little guy.

    I am strongly considering getting 2 or 3 ragdoll kittens in the near future. It seems like ragdoll’s personality types are the most similar to our Peanut & Opie. We still have 1 more of Peanut’s sons…Elias…he is a brown tabby, 15 years old. We think he is grieving himself crazy…he cries all the time. We think that he is just not used to being an only cat. He was used to his mom (Peanut) and his brother ( Opie) being with him.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on how to integrate a couple ragdoll kittens with our handsome old boy Elias?


    • Jenny says:

      HI Sheila,

      I am so sorry for your losses.

      The good thing is that your resident kitty is used to other cats – that’s more than Rags was! Rags did really well with 2 kittens – he was 15 and they played with each other without bothering him too much – but he seemed to enjoy the entertainment! The Ragdoll breeder for the kittens suggested we get two to keep Rags happy – and she was right.

      I have an article on the site that explains how to introduce cats.

      Let me know how it goes with Elias and if you have any more questions! I also hope you’ll share your kittens on Floppycats if and when you get them!

  9. kim says:

    My Agnatha is 22 and a breast cancer survivor for almost 2 1/2 years now. Even though she has some heart and kidney problems, life is still very good! She is very small and lightweight–a dandelion puff in the breeze is a good description of her appearance. She watches birds and squirrels in her chair everyday and plays with her ball track game still! She is my baby ragdoll always, and I enjoyed reading about yours. kim

  10. Dana Wilson says:

    i just lost my little Cocoa and soooo sad. I have had siamese and domestics but never ever have I had such a sweet little funny friend. I miss him sooo very much. I hope someday to have another little rag. It will take a while to get over, if ever, this one.

  11. Jessie says:

    Very touching story. I recently just because a first time kitty owner (adopted a tuxedo female named Olive) and it has truly been one of the most rewarding connections I’ve ever had. I got her shortly after I lost my dog. Olive was abandoned and was severely malnourished when I got her. The vet told me that if she were to have been left another day, she would not have survived. I think she knows that she finally had a guardian to love and take care of her forever. I’m sorry for your loss of Rags although it is obvious he was one well-loved kitty!

  12. Mumsie says:

    What a truly wonderful story. I am sitting here reliving similar moments with some of my kitties from childhood up to now and I can completely step into your shoes. Such friendship and love you shared- you and Rags! I cannot tell you how much your loving and heroic efforts on his behalf touched me. That is a bond so deep and so special. He was such a handsome devil! What eyes; what a face! I am also laughing at the thought of him in Cabbage Patch doll clothes and imagining him on a jet ski with the wind whipping through his hair! How much fun he must have had with you. He had a terrific life there is no doubt. Thank you for sharing your great love with the rest of us. ^.^

  13. Gail says:

    Your Rags looks so much like my JoJo, I am so encouraged that you had him for 19.5 years. JoJo is 12yrs old and at the vet right now being treated for a spider bite. At least that’s the vets guess. Very nasty looking sore. I love him very much and hope to have as many years with him as you had with Rags.

  14. Monica says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful tribute to your beloved Rags. I have a Ragdoll who started it all for me too — I named him Bailey Griggs. He actually found me in Houston when his “owner” decided she didn’t want to keep him any more and abandoned him. He has since passed and I have had three Ragdolls since then. Our second wonderful Ragdoll, Baxter Griggs, passed away a year ago and we have two Ragdoll kittens now — Bailey Griggs Jr. and Baxter Griggs Jr. (of course) 🙂 I have a feeling you’ll see Rags again someday, as I will mine. As our vet technician said when Baxter passed and some nearby church bells began to ring at that very moment: “What else is Heaven?”

    • Jenny says:

      Love it, Monica! Thanks for sharing – is “Griggs” your last name? Yes, I am confident I will be reunited with Rags some day.

      • Monica says:

        Hi Jenny!

        Good question — actually “Griggs” came from a freeway exit in Houston. I had already chosen “Bailey” for his name and when I noticed the Griggs Road Exit, I thought, ‘what a cool last name for Bailey!’ So he became Bailey Griggs — and I still miss him 15 years later.

  15. Jessica says:

    Wow, we also got our two ragdolls at Ragnarok Cattery! They each exhibit the calm personality of the ragdoll in different ways, which I find to be very fascinating. The cats actually belong to my roommates, but I call them mine since I was there when they were picked out and brought home. Can’t wait to have some of my own!

  16. Martha says:

    I always find myself going back to read about Rags’ life. You were as much of a blessing to Rags as he was to you, and it is such a joy to observe the love you shared. Thank you for this wonderful site.

  17. Dementia Boy says:

    When I think of Rags, I think of the garden. I think of soft, light snow sifting down on him, snow like we had here last night, gone now. I think of his eyes like cracked marbles at the end, a million facets.

    And most of all, I think of what Jenny has done with her love of him, how she has amused and inspired thousands of us. It’s not that you have to “do” anything with love, but there’s something very Phoenix-like about it–the love lives on, regenerates, spreads, envelops us in its mist.

    And we all know now–harrumph–that swimming is the way one celebrates the 19th birthday. Just like certain things are associated with anniversaries–why did I always get vacuum cleaners and guitar picks?–certain activities are associated with birthdays. Must figure out a list.

  18. Dementia Boy says:

    I sing Siobhan’s song, “No One Compares 2 U,” to Rags’ portrait. I don’t sing it to Zen’s memory, but to Rags. (Lack of apostrophe intentional.)

  19. Norah says:

    I did burst in to tears when I read what you wrote about your dear cat. I am very sorry that he had to leave this world but I am also happy that you made his life as amazing as you could.
    I do have a female ragdoll that’s almost 8 months, and I already get so scared when I think of her passing away.

    • Jenny says:

      oh norah, that’s sweet – please don’t get scared of her passing away now, as you will miss the present. rags was a rock star and i was worried about his death but he made sure i had plenty of time to say goodbye. a true soulmate that did right by me.

  20. a1985p1989 says:

    Hi Jenny! I just registered for your website participation and thank you for organizing this wonderful forum! I am planning on submitting my cat, Summer, for ragdoll of the week as soon as I can. It is great that Rags was around for so long. I had a cat that made it to 18 years old and I had an aunt that had a Siamese that made it to age 24. I will have lots to say about Summer… but I really want to post the pictures I have of Summer posed next to the portrait that my daughter painted of her.. my daughter and my son are both amazing artists…Can we do any independent picture posting or does it all need to be with the submission for Ragdoll of the Week?

  21. a1985p1989 says:

    Just noticed that Rags was born on 8/8/1989
    My son, Philip, was born on 8/15/1989…

  22. Teresa Reid says:

    Awe Rags, you might be in heaven, but you Mama (and all of us) have never forgotten the brave and loving soul you are. Please send you Mom lots of kitty kisses from heaven so her heart will feel it and she will be comforted. You are 1 in a million dear Rags and your Jenny, is a beautiful testament to your sweet soul because she works tirelessly every day to support and run this wonderful website to honor your memory. She has made so many kitties’ lives a whole lot better because of all the wonderful information and products she shares. Love your beautiful photos too, especially the one in the snow. ♥♥♥Illaria, Gracie and Miss Mari

  23. Patti Johnson says:

    Hi, Jenny! I think Teresa pretty much summed up what we all feel about Rags and the creation of Floppycats and getting to know you, Charlie, Trigg, Caymus & Murphy!

    Know that we are sending a special prayer to Rags today hoping that he is frolicking with all of our beloved animals who’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge, too.

    Out of heartache and loss, you were able to build a wonderful place for all cat lovers to come and learn and be heard and meet and become friends. It’s like a Crazy Cat Lady Convention (in a GOOD WAY!). 🙂 <3

    My day wouldn't be complete without a daily visit to the Floppycats website & YouTube channel. 🙂

    Thank you so much for everything you do and your love of the best cat breed ever, Ragdolls!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  24. Elena says:

    I’ve just read Rag’s story. It’s very touchy, I even cried.
    Very sorry for your loss.
    Thank you so much for creating this web site about Ragdoll cats. I’m an owner of the Ragdoll cat as well, she is 7 months old kitty, very cute and playful 🙂

    With love, Elena&Kasya

  25. Such a great story to read again and again, Jenny. Thank you for reminding us about the reason Floppycats exists today. Your Rags was SO GORGEOUS (those eyes are mesmerizing!) and such a good fella! I know you miss him each and every day. I know that feeling all too well. This post is such a beautiful tributed to him. Lurve all the photos! 🙂

    Thank you again for the love you show this awesome breed of cat…The Ragdoll. Life wouldn’t be the same without my daily dose of Floppycats!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  26. ABarletta says:

    Oh Jenny, my heart hurts so much for you. Especially after losing Napa not so long ago. I wish Rags would have lived forever. But in a way he does, doesn’t he? You honor him with your love and memories. My Gracie won’t be with us too much longer. I feel better knowing that I am not the only one who mourns for their critters for years. I have the remains of four cats in their little tins in a drawer by my bed. Not sure what to do with them. Can’t just let them go. “Where” is Rags? I am even thinking of having their ashes combined with ours when we “croak”. Then sprinkle us all over the places Bob and I love so much. Capri, Aruba, the Hamptons.

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