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Pacificats Apple Pie, Just Shy of 2 years old

This Ragdoll cat pic is of Pacificats Apple Pie (Paul) a seal lynx point mitted boy.

When Apple was born, there were a total of 4 kittens in the litter. All of them were male, so Pacificats breeders decided to go with a Beatles theme, naming them after the boy band. So Apple was originally Paul of Ringo, John, Paul and George. Apple’s mother is Sunshine (RW GRC Ragmagic’s Brighter than Sunshine).

Apple received the award for best seal lynx point mitted Ragdoll of TICA’s showseason 2008/2009.

Here are photos of Apple tracked from birth to adulthood.

Apple at 2 days old

Beatles Kittens – one is Apple. They are 2 days old here.

Sunshine with her Beatles Kittens

Sunshine with her Beatles Kittens – one is Apple. They are one week old here.

Paul, John, George and Ringo at 17 days old

Paul (Apple), John, George and Ringo at 17 days old

Apple Pie at 3 weeks

Apple Pie at 3 weeks

Apple Pie at 3 weeks

Apple Pie at 3 weeks with John

Apple Pie at 4 weeks

Apple at 4 weeks

Pacificats Apple at 4.5 weeks old

Apple at 4 and a half weeks old

Apple at 6 weeks

Apple at 6 weeks old

Apple Pie at 9 weeks

Apple at 9 weeks.

Apple at 6 months old

Apple at 6 months old

Pacificat Apple at 9 months

Apple at 9 months.

Apple on Chair

Video of Apple at a Final in Germany

Video of Apple at a Show in The Netherlands

There is a Ragdoll breeder’s website that shows the natural progression of point color in Ragdolls through their milestones, like this page does. Ragdoll Cat Pic, Ragdoll Age Progression

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  1. Tina says:

    I have a kitty that we thought originally was Siamese but it appears to be a lynx point Ragdoll. He has the most unusual way of laying down, his front goes down, then his back end. Are these cats double jointed or something? Of course he also “plops” a lot, just kind of falls over and likes to lay with his belly in the air. He is also very large, heavy and long. He is beautiful and sweet as well.

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