Ragdoll Cat Adoption Needed – Angus and Gunnar – Thick as Thieves

| September 7, 2010 | 1 Comment

Angus and GunnarAngus and Gunnar, purebred Ragdolls cats are litter mates born in our home on 7/2/09. Both are healthy and neutered. Loving the breed as much as we do, we opted to keep the "boys" and raise them with their mother and father instead of selling them. Although neutered, Angus continues to spray and mount his mother. Our vet has ruled out all medical issues and attributes the behavior to the fact that we simply have too many males (3) living together with a female. He believes the spraying behavior will cease once Angus is separated from our female. So why are both up for adoption? Angus and Gunnar, having been together since birth, are extremely close. When separated, Angus will cry for Gunnar. Even our 10-year old daughter reluctantly acknowledges that if Angus must find a new home, Gunnar has to go with him for the two to be happy. Angus is extremely sweet and loving. He is a chocolate point with a great Ragdoll personality. Gunnar is a mitted chocolate point with absolutely flawless markings and a silky coat. He will take a little longer to warm up to strangers but given time will long to sleep at the foot of your bed with Angus. Serious inquires only, please. Additonal pictures willl be emailed upon request.

Kitty’s Name: Angus and Gunnar
Name: Kristin
Where: CT
E-mail: steelebriggs@sbcgobal.net
Ragdoll Rescue

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  1. Christina @ ilovefetacheese.com says:

    Oh my god, they are so cuteee. Poor babies, I hope they find a home soon.

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