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Bicolor Blue beautiful long hair lots of white mixed with blue mask around eyes and down back and tail.
Name is Irja- pronounced Eerie-ya. It's a swedish name. lol
She is up to date on all shots and is completely healthy-no long term illnesses, nothing.

She loves lying on laps and meows to everyone coming in the door instead of running and hiding.

I used to allow her to sleep on my bed but cannot anymore due to VERY bad allergies, which is the reason for rehoming by the way…that cannot even be alleviated by meds of all sorts.

She can NOT go outside at all! She's never been outside and she'd probably die because for 3 years she's had no training in how to survive. She's only been inside.

She'd probably do very well in a home alone, meaning without other pets or children, though my thoughts seem to lean towards her being ok with another cat I very well may be wrong–since she's always been alone with me.

She eats one can of wet can of fancy feast food every night so be sure that this is something you can fit into your finances!

She's really beautiful and loves making "doughnuts" on tummies! lol

Age: 3.5 years
Sex: Female
Fee: $200.00
Location: Nashville/Trevecca Towers on Trevecca University campus

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