Rag doll Cats Rescue – Resources for Finding a Ragdoll Cat In Need

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It takes a special and unique individual to wish to rescue any animal and this is also true for Ragdoll rescues.  When you have decided to add to your feline family then adoption should definitely be an option.  There are many Ragdolls in all colors and sizes that need a forever home for one reason or another. So if you are looking for a Ragdoll to move into your loving home follow these simple tips.

Talk to finds, neighbors, and local shelters to see if any Ragdolls are available.  Often visiting a shelter is best as Ragdolls are many times classified as another breed such as Himalayan.

If there is a specific color such as a bicolor Ragdoll that you hope for then try posting to a discussion board or even calling local breeders to see if they have any older cats that are being retired from breeding.

Finally, cruise websites such as the Ragdoll forum to see if any Ragdolls need rehoming.  In forums such as these you can find out why the Ragdoll needs a home and any special characteristics or unique needs it may have.

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