Puurrrfect Companion and Family Member

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This is a Guest Post by Trevor Salas of findthebest.com

Purchasing a cat for your family is an important decision that requires a lot of thinking and planning.  Cat breeds vary not only by appearances but by temperament as well.

FindTheBest’s cat comparison organizes cats by origin, breed standard, color, distinguishing traits, temperament, coat type and maximum weight, which makes searching for the perfect companion and family member a little easier. If your lifestyle is busy and you’re constantly on the go, you may consider getting a cat that is more independent and requires less grooming.  After narrowing down your options, you can compare up to 10 different cat breeds side-by-side.

After determining which type of cat best suits your lifestyle, consider which type of food your cat needs.  Certain cat breeds are more prone to certain diseases and need extra supplements and nutrition to stay healthy.  Cat foods high in protein are usually the best option. Also take into consideration your cat’s age when buying cat food, as nutritional requirements differ by feline age.

Maintaining your cat’s health is crucial. When choosing the best pet insurance for your pet’s needs, consider the average monthly premium, the better business bureau rating, coverage options and reimbursement percentages.  Pet insurances with better business bureau ratings, even if they are low, show more credibility. 

Let FindTheBest help you find and take care of your purrrrfect new best friend.

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