Purrfectly Cat Bowls

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Offered through the Cat Connection are these two wonderful and purrfectly made cat bowls. The Purr-fect Bowl and the Hungry Kitty Bowl.

Purr-fect Bowl
This 7 oz. Purr-fect Bowl was designed out of a black, white and red colored ceramic material featuring a shallow, oval design with black and white edge detailing the words: "Purr-snickity," "Purr-suasive," "Purr-sistent," and "Purr-plexing".

The Hungry Kitty Bowl on the same hand offers a fun and functional way to show furry friends just how much you care! This 5 oz., hand painted ceramic cat bowl features a black and white repeating pattern edge detail, a deep red interior color with a black paw print in the bottom center and molded design. The exterior of the bowl features a cartoon-like image of a black and orange cat from the eyes up – pondering his next meal, "Mmmmmmm…food!"Hungry Kitty Bowl
Your dear feline will surely love eating with these Purr-fect cat bowl and Hungry Kitty bowl for only a price of $17.99 through the Cat Connection. Each item is sold separately.

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