Ragdoll Cat Prince William

| August 6, 2010 | 8 Comments
Prince William at 8.5 Months Old

Prince William at 8.5 Months Old

Angelic Dolls' Prince William When He Arrived in Kansas City

Angelic Dolls’ Prince William

You might have read my post a few days ago about my Aunt Nicky’s new kitty, Prince William!  He is from Angelic Ragdolls in Sweden!  As you can tell he is a Blue Mitted Ragdoll with an hourglass blaze!

Prince William Drinking Water from the Faucet at 8.5 Months Old

Prince William Drinking Water from the Faucet at 8.5 Months Old

He’s totally wonderful, as I knew he would be.  He is very sweet – very smart and very down to earth, if you can say that about a cat!  He just fit right in and it seemed like he had always lived at my Aunt’s.  He wasn’t bothered by much and he had only been there for 2 hours – and had already traveled for 2 days before that!  I couldn’t believe how well adjusted he was!

What a treat!  Thank you Bella at Angelic Ragdolls for blessing my aunt with such a wonderful gift!

Aunt Nicky and Prince William

Aunt Nicky and Prince William

Prince William

Prince William

Prince William

Prince William

Prince William

Prince William

Prince William's Paw

Prince William’s Paw

Videos of Prince William

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  1. He is a total doll! Congrats to your Aunt Nicky!

    I am laughing at your descriptions of him – personality sounds so much like my Willow. Although she is a Gato and we have no clue of her heritage since she was alone in the storm drain – we do know she has Siamese or ragdoll in her blood. She has the blue eyes, and the lilac coloring – but it’s her personality that’s so amazing.

    Prince William sounds like her soul brother, and will bring your Aunt lots of joy!

    Thank for the huge smiles

  2. Julia says:

    After reading about Prince William I checked out the Angelic Ragdolls web page. I was amazed to see that they have couple of cats shipped to them from my breeder the Chatandolls ragdoll cattery. Pretty cool!
    Prince William is adorable!

  3. Hello Jenny. Thanks for sharing your videos, they’re immensely enjoyable! I’m a cat lover and cat carer of a female Persian named Penelope. I don’t have a Ragdoll cat but I find them very sweet and beautiful. Btw, was Prince William actually flown from Sweden to the U.S.? Anyways, all your cats are GORGEOUS. Hope you continue to share your videos.

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