Poor Poor Baby – Annabella

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Floppy CatAnnie really loves her scratching post. She uses it first thing in the morning, and every time she comes into my sewing room. But it’s shredding terribly, it looks rather grotesque. And then she tries to clean it up, chewing and tearing at it. Which causes, well, you know, much gacking of shredded scratching post material. As you can see, she’s a poor poor baby, and could certainly use an Incline Scratcher with a Birch Tree Post! I’ll bet she’d be willing to be a model and show her happiness when using it!

Kitty’s Name: Annabella
Name: Brita


Thanks to Annabella for her extra entry for March 2011 Floppycats.com Giveaway: Mountain Cat Trees Incline Scratcher with Birch Tree Post.

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