Omega Paw Inclined Cardboard Cat Scatcher

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Omega Paw Inclined Cardboard Cat ScatcherOmega Paw Inclined Cardboard Cat Scatcher

The scratch box has certified organic catnip in it to bring additional pleasure to your cat.

The Omega Paw Scratch Box Everest has a pom pom toy that can be accessed through the three large holes located at the base of each side (on the left, right, and back portion). This feature offers hours of fun and exercise for any bicolor ragdoll or blue lynx mitted ragdoll for an instance.

Product dimensions: 16.5 x 7.5 x 6 inches. The cardboard scratch box is refillable and can be easily changed by just sliding it into the Everest once the used cardboard is removed. The scratch box refill can be bought separately.

You can get Omega Paw Inclined Cardboard Cat Scratcher for $12.49.

Does your cat already own one? Share your observation about how your cat interacts with it by leaving us a comment below.

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