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Oliver – A Blue Bi-Colour Ragdoll

Oliver first day home 12 wks oldMy Oliver, the Ragdoll (Blue Bi-Colour Ragdoll) was born on 7 February 14 in the North of England, from parents of blue bi-colour Ragdolls. He has 2 siblings from the same litter, and was his mother’s first litter. It was the first time the human family bred Ragdolls, too. On 3 May 14 we traveled 300 miles (about 480 km) by car from home to see him. The moment I saw the kitten, I fell in love with him. He was very curious, lively and sweet, and I decided to have him straight away. I named the kitten “Oliver” inspired from “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens as we live in Dickens home town, Rochester. On the following day, we put him on a harness and leash and returned home. Although we brought a bed and pet carrier, Oliver was happy to sit on my lap and stayed there during this long trip. We had a few breaks and checked if he was alright. No problem at all, he traveled very well.

Since then, I gradually introduced him to go out with us by car, then by bus, by train, even by ferry. Thanks to Oliver’s incredible adaptability and quick learning, we can travel together and he enjoys it. When the car is in motion, he stands up to see the landscape moving. When the car is not in motion, he loves to sits on the Dashboard and observes. When he gets on board, he just goes to sleep on my lap or at my feet.

Oliver with cat doll June 14

Oliver with cat doll June 14

As there are many pet friendly hotels, guest houses or holiday apartments, it is not difficult to travel with him. Oliver knows what not to very quickly and adapts, extremely intelligent cat. He learns where his toilet is very quickly, so this is great. Oliver has a pet passport to travel in Europe, too. So far, he has traveled to France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. One of his favourite places is a farm in Stadtkyll, near Gerolstein, Germany. We visit this place twice a year.

Oliver on the farm Germany May 16

Oliver on the farm Germany May 16

I have a 13 years old Ragdoll x Chinchilla Silver, Casper. It was him that brought me a great interest in Ragdolls. Casper has Chinchilla Silver appearance with Ragdoll personality.

Oliver with Casper June 2016

Oliver with Casper June 2016

Ragdolls’ calm, sweet, friendly, laid back and puppy like temperament, their beautiful silky coat and pattern, large chunky body with stunning blue eyes are just wonderful. And this is truly Oliver. Oliver really follows me everywhere.

Once a week I take him on a leash for a walk. When he doesn’t want to, I put him in a pet front carrier, a wheeled pet carrier or on my husband’s shoulder.  I truly enjoy the moments we spend together. It is as if having a cat and a dog at the same time.

Oliver Plymouth July 2016

Oliver Plymouth July 2016

When we walk together, people stop us regularly. They want to take photos or stroke him. Oliver behaves wonderfully to anyone, from babies, children, to elderlies, disabled people etc. Sometimes Oliver and I do volunteer work, for raising funds for a Children’s Hospice at local festivals. He sits on the stall and people can stroke him or take his pictures whilst we ask for donations, for the charity, if possible. In the last 2 festivals, Sweep Festival and Dickens Festival, he raised more than a £100.00.

Oliver is fascinated by water. I bath him twice a month in summer and once a month in winter. Luckily he has no problem with the sound of a hair dryer. He loves to be groomed, even with a vacuum cleaner.

Oliver Eastbourne October 15

Oliver Eastbourne October 15

One of his favourite passions is to drink from his water fountain. He stands up and keep watching the running water even when he is not drinking. Oliver prefers dry food (Hill Science, James Wellbeloved or Royal Canin) with a bit of chicken or tuna flakes. I make sure to add some taurine on his wet food. His teeth are cleaned regularly.

Oliver Cambridge April 15

Oliver Cambridge April 15

Oliver is a very playful cat, loves his treat with a few tricks, still jumps, going through a tunnel and falls asleep on the cat tower.

Oliver Lake District Dec 14

Oliver Lake District Dec 14

Oliver has his own You Tube channel. Meet Oliver and his brother Casper on You Tube.

Oliver walking

Oliver On the shoulder

Oliver at Dickens Festival

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  1. ABarletta says:

    Well, now I’ve seen it all! Oliver is an incredible little furry man! Not only is he gorgeous, but what a gentle, sweet animal he is. Doesn’t seem to get flustered by lots of activity around him. How I would love to be able to travel with my Gracie. Ain’t ever gonna happen. And if it did, I would be terrified that she would bolt at the slightest sound. Oliver is one cool dude. Thank you for sharing his story.

    • Fairlytaleofnewyork Satoko says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. Oliver is inquisitive, cool and sweet boy. I consider myself very lucky to be able to do many activities together with him. 🙂

  2. Hazel Miles says:

    What a Beautiful Article on Oliver. He is an unusual cat and more like a human. He is a credit to him mum and dad.

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