Nina Ottosson Dog Finder Cat Puzzle Toy Review

| April 15, 2014 | 5 Comments

Nina Ottosson Dog Finder Cat Puzzle Toy Review I have been working on putting together a favorite cat products video and in the process of collecting all of the items that I want to feature, I reached out to The Company of Animals to see if they would send us more puzzle toys to try out since we are going to feature The Dog Spinny and The Dog Brick in our favorites’ video.

Of course, The Company of Animals obliged and sent us several to try out.

The first up is the Nina Ottosson Dog Finder Cat Puzzle Toy.

The Nina Ottosson Dog Finder is a cat puzzle toy that requires a kitty to remove the bones from the blue base and discover the treats hiding underneath the bones.  You can see how Charlie does it in both the arrival and final review videos below.

I love the Nina Ottosson puzzle toys for pets – they are challenging and help keep your kitty engaged.  I love that they are dishwasher safe and that they have no-skid feet on them.

Nina Ottosson Dog Finder Cat Puzzle Toy Review 2

You can buy the Nina Ottosson Dog Finder Cat Puzzle Toy on Amazon for $25.80 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

Arrival Video:

Final Review Video:

You can buy the Nina Ottosson Dog Finder Cat Puzzle Toy on Amazon for $25.80 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

We received the Nina Ottosson Dog Finder Cat Puzzle Toy for review from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the review! I bet Anya would totally love one of those!

  2. ChristyB says:

    I have the red round one for Yoda, I’ll have to give Prossimo a chance to play too!

    For treats you might want to check out dried Anchovies. I get them from an Asian grocery store. If they are out, I get them raw and dehydrate them myself in the oven. You can break them up in 3 or so pieces. Prossimo LOVES them (so does Yoda)!

  3. Such a cool toy! Gosh, I sure do love to watch your videos, Jenny. The interaction you have with Triggy and Charlie is so precious! Those voices you make just make me laugh and smile while I watch your review videos! 🙂

    Thanks for another great review and two more awesome videos! Now, I can’t get the Kitty Man song out of my head. lol 🙂

    Big hugs, head butts and purry cuddles!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  4. Dementia Boy says:

    Even though Izzy isn’t motivated by food, she had great fun removing Whole Life treats from the Catit Sensit (oh, Bast, this isn’t the name of it!!) maze. It was too easy for her, though, so I think we’ll go for one of the brick puzzles.

    After the brick puzzle, I’m putting a brief moratorium on cat toys. No, I’m not fixing my computer or buying a camera or new washing machine. Coldwater Creek is going out of business; since they make the only clothes that fit me, I have to buy enough clothes at super-reduced prices to last the rest of my life. Do nothing in moderation =).

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