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| August 3, 2010 | 5 Comments

Neko Flies In BoxesThe nice folks over at Neko Flies asked if we would be willing to do a review of their Neko Flies product and after taking a quick glance at their website – it was an easy YES!

Neko Flies is an interchangeable wand cat toy that cats love to swat.

You might have already read our post about how the cats reacted when we first got them.

Charlie and Trigg totally love these things!  I totally recommend them.

Neko Flies Kragonfly Attachment

Neko Flies Kragonfly Attachment

Why Are Neko Flies Cool?

  • they’re interchangeable
  • the string never becomes tangled because the metal clasp rotates on the wand
  • they have a variety of bugs and animals to choose from
  • perfect for cats of all ages
  • great for people with disabilities because they can still actively play with their cats from a distance
  • the flies/animals inspire natural hunting and stalking skills
  • they’re engaging for the human and the cat!
  • allows interactive play for you and your cat or your children and your cat.

How Do You Buy Neko Flies?

Below are videos of Charlie and Trigg product testing the Neko Flies – they love them!

Neko Flies also makes Mini Neko Flies for kitties that go to cat shows and who travel a lot – we will be reviewing those in a few weeks.

Do you own Neko Flies?  Or do you think you will get some to see how your kitty likes them?

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  1. Sue Rogers says:

    Loved the videos and you can hear the fly fishing sound in the background. Charlie and Trigg looked like they were having a ball! They always do!

    The Neko Flies look really terrific.The rod does look sturdy and the attachments really do simulate tempting prey. I am definitely planning on getting one for Bella. Whether or not she will play with it is up in the air, but I think I will have fun trying to entice her!

    Thanks for the review.

  2. Thanks for the review!

    Your boys looked like they were having a lot of fun but I have to admit they also looked like they enjoyed the packaging that the toys were mailed in 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Caren, oh yeah, they totally love boxes – and messing around in them – but the Neko Flies are more of a hit for them and for me – I am not a fan of boxes in the middle of the living room, but can handle a cat wand toy! Thanks for commenting!

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