My Visit to Little Apple Ragdolls in Manhattan, KS

| October 7, 2010 | 4 Comments
Little Apple Sweet Pippin

Little Apple Sweet Pippin

You all might have read about the fact that my mom and I were traveling to Manhattan, KS to visit a Ragdoll breeder there.  I had contact Andra through the Internet, asking if my mom and I could come and vist.  Manhattan, KS is about 2.5 hours from where I live in the Kansas City area.

You might remember reading Andra’s breeder interview that was posted last week.  I wanted to have that background for the readers before I posted about our visit.

First and foremost, the fact that Andra and her mom were so willing to allow my mom and me into their homes for such a visit was a treat and an honor.  I think the fact that Andra was so willing was a good sign too.  Of course, some breeders have been burned by people visiting them, so a lot of breeders don’t allow a visit unless you have a deposit on a kitten and even then, you might be limited to certain areas of the house. 

Of course, the intentions of my visit were different, so all that didn’t matter.

We started at Andra’s home and met Bailey’s kittens that were just about to leave to go to their forever homes.  They were awesome and running all over the house – talk about being raised underfoot!

Bailey's Kitten

Bailey's Kitten

Sweet Pippin – pictured above – was also at Andra’s – and although not the father to those kittens was very comfortable with them and wanted to play.

Unfortunately, I have this personality trait where I tend to pick favorites very quickly and well, Pippin won out for me as cat of the day.  I was really impressed with him – his size, his head, his personality – he was truly awesome.

All Little Apple Ragdolls are named after apples.  “Little Apple” of course refers to Manhattan, KS – since the Big Apple is Manhattan, NY.  I guess there are over 7500 varieties of apples worldwide, so the name selections are endless.

Bailey's Kitten

Bailey's Kitten

Oh, did I mention that Andra’s house was spotless – very, very clean.  And I could tell it wasn’t a cleaning just for my mom’s and my visit – it was really clean.

We spent our time at Andra’s playing with the kittens and also I asked her questions about her kittens – what she fed them, the litter she used, toys she liked, etc.  All of that can be read on Andra’s breeder interview.

Here are a few photos I snapped of the kitten room at Andra’s house – the kittens spend a small amount of time in this room as they are being weaned from their mom and as they get litter box trained and then they end up having full access to the entire house!

Kitten Room Litter Boxes

Kitten Room Litter Boxes

Kitten Room Play Area

Kitten Room Play Area

Here’s a video I captured of my mom playing with Bailey’s kittens:

After spending a lot of time at Andra’s we headed over to her mom’s house to meet the remainder of the crew.

Upon arrival at Andra’s mom’s house, we met a pregnant Pearl and a prego Gala.  Along with Dakota, who happened to be the father of Bailey’s current litter that we saw at Andra’s house.

After those three, we met Emma’s kittens.  Turns out Emma is related to my Rags through Ragnarok’s Thor.  Emma had a darling personality and looked like a mom!  She was totally fine with us touching and picking up her kittens and wanted us to play with her too!

Just before we were getting ready to leave, Emma plopped down and allowed her kittens to nurse!  It was such a treat because I had my video camera rolling when she did it.

Emma's Kittens Nursing

Emma's Kittens Nursing

Emma's Kittens Nursing

Emma's Kittens Nursing

Little Apple Ragdolls Sweet Pippin

Little Apple Ragdolls Sweet Pippin

Thank you so much to Little Apple Ragdolls for such an awesome visit and a great experience!!

Are you a Ragdoll breeder in the midwest?  Up for a visit?  Let me know if you’d be interested and I’ll come with my camera!

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  1. sallie says:

    You can come and visit me any time…but I live in italy.


    Andra is the type of breeder who truly LOVES her cats – I think her set up is wonderful! What a great idea having the tile on top of the wood floors! Now I will have to look for something to do with my floors.

    I cannot get over how much Laura’s Newman looks like Pippin! And I was a little shocked to see how much little Miss Willow looks like Emma! The face markings – but what really surprised the heck out of me was her cow patches – they are so similar on both! I really think our little street urchins both have ragdoll in them.

    The videos were awesome – I can’t wait to play them at home and see Morgan & Crew’s reactions to the babies meows.

  3. Eve KUrpiers says:

    Oh what a beautiful & fascinating experience to see the little ragdolls with their
    mom!! Sounds like alot of fun, educational & a more personal experience than
    watching a cat show! You have a dream job, Jennifer! If you ever want to
    visit catteries up here in Minnesota or Iowa, it would be fun to go with!

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