Mountain Cat Trees Natural Wand Cat Toy Review

| December 24, 2013 | 16 Comments

Mountain Cat Trees Natural Wand Cat Toy ReviewOver a month ago, we were sent the Mountain Cat Trees Natural Wand Cat Toy for review.

The Mountain Cat Trees Natural Wand Cat Toy is made of a hardwood dowel rod, hemp twine and brass hardware.

They currently make two different lengths:

  • A 32″ long with and an additional 30″ of line with toy attachment
  • A 15″ long with and an additional 20″ of line with toy attachment

They sent us both to product review.

They also sell additional attachments, so you can switch it up a bit if you want.  You can buy the wand with the:

  • Tassle attachment
  • Feather attachment

You can also buy an additional:

  • Spinner attachment

The Mountain Cat Trees Natural Wand Cat Toy is great for exercise and enrichment, helping to appeal to your kitty’s natural instinct to hunt.

WARNING – I don’t think cats should be left unattended with this toy.  Supervise play with your kitties.  But I do think it’s tons of fun to interact with your kitty when you play with this cat wand toy.  Just don’t leave them by themselves with it – as there is always the risk of strangulation and more.

You can buy Mountain Cat Trees Natural Wand Cat Toy online here.

The only negative thing I have to say is that I don’t like the spinner attachment.  I think that can be dangerous if flown through the air at a cat – I think it only works if it is dragged along the ground.
Here is our arrival video – as you can tell, they were an instant hit:

Here’s our final review video – as you can tell, still a hit!

We received the Mountain Cat Trees Natural Wand Cat Toy for review from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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  1. Great review! Sounds like Charlie and Trigg like ’em!

    Merry X-mas Eve!!

  2. ChristyB says:

    Jenny, did you prefer the 15″ or the 32″ inch?

  3. These sure look like some F-U-N! Great review and, as usual, awesome videos!


    Patti & Pink Sugar (who is curled in her Petstages “Sugar Bowl” waiting for Santa to arrive — she was playing a bit earlier so she’s starting to feel better already!) 🙂 <3

  4. Teresa says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!
    Great review and we want to get one soon!

    • Jenny says:

      teresa, if you get one please let me know how your kitties like it! merry christmas!

      • Teresa says:

        Ordered it last night and will let you know as soon as it arrives! Thanks Jenny.

      • Teresa says:

        Hey Jenny and everyone!
        Well, this wand came yesterday so nicely packed and they absolutely LOVE it. It is so well made with a very substantial pole – got the 32″ line and it hooks on with a swivel look that really enhances the action. Grace just lost her mind over it and after I put it away, she cried and cried until I got it out again. We got the blue and green tassel and it is very nice weight and will last a good long while even though they chewed on it a little. Great find Jenny. Thanks so much.

  5. patricia says:

    i love these!! i’ll have to get some for my cats. merry christmas jenny and trigg and charlie!! and a very happy and healthy new year with peace and enlightenment for all of us. thanks for all you do jenny to educate us and to show us the coolest and best things for our cats that we love so dearly. you do a great thing! you are the best!

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