Miracle De-Shedder from Miracle Care and Quick Finder Cat Nail Clippers Arrive for Product Reviewing

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Cat Grooming Products: Miracle De-Shedder from Miracle Care and Quick Finder Cat Nail Clippers The Miracle De-Shedder from Miracle Care and the Quick Finder Cat Nail Clippers arrived a few days ago for product testing.

The Miracle De-Shedder is a 2 in 1 shedder – hair and dander go directly from your kitty into the vacuum – so no additional cleanup is required.

The 1.25" diameter tapered nozzle fits most standard vacuum cleaners.  I have a hand held Oreck vacuum and a hand held Hoover vacuum, so I will be trying it on both to make sure they work.

The cat nail clippers, QuickFinder, that they make has lighted cues of red, yellow and green to tell you when it’s safe to cut the nails.  I am anxious to see how this works.

Here is a video of our opening process:

What cat grooming products do you like?  Do you have anything in particular you’d like for me to address while doing these product reviews? 

Stay around a while and check out our Ragdoll Cat Guide while you’re here.

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