Meow Town Plush Scratch N Slide Cat Scratching Post

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Meow Town Plush Scratch N Slide Cat Scratching Post, BrownGet a cat scratching pole when you have a cat that likes to scratch and claw your valuable property. The scratching pole will eliminate scratching to your furniture. The Meow Town Plush Scratch N Slide Cat Scratching Post is an excellent product that offers more than just a scratching method. It offers climbing for all cat climbers. With a unique wave-shaped sisal board designed for all scratching will allow multiple cats to scratch at the same time. There is no assembly required for this product and it is one of the best cat toys on the market.

For hours of unlimited scratching and playing this is the product to purchase. The brown decor color offers a color that will go great in any space of your home. The post on the Meow Town is also able to have your cat scratching. This offers two areas for fun and scratching for all breeds of cats. With measurements of seventeen inches in length and nine and a half width – it won't take up a lot of space in your home, but also enough room for your cats to play and scratch on. Get this scratching post and have a place for your cats to scratch.


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