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I had 2 Siamese sisters that came from Maryland with me to Colorado. When poor Mis brandy died suddenly of anemia in 2007, her sister Karma went into a deep depression so I decided to get her a kitten – and that was Lucy, the hairball Ragdoll who is a mitted sealpoint. 

Lucy as a kitten

Lucy as a kitten

I got her from a breeder in Windsor, CO – and I must say – she was THE CUTEST KITTEN EVER. I mean, so cute it almost made me sick. She was playful as can be, and floppy and just ridiculous. She slept in a bowl on my vanity until she barely fit and was oozing over the sides.

Lucy Bowl Cat

Lucy Bowl Cat

She’s now 3.5 years and a big, beautiful girl. She’s not a lap cat; she prefers to get her loving on her terms.  But when she’s ready, she’s all headbutts and trilly little mews. She’s still as playful as a kitten and will run around my condo at top speed, often jumping up the wall at invisible things. She’s a treat – when she jumps up on the couch it’s always like getting a present. She’s bunny soft, and loves to flop on her back, and have her tummy rubbed. I love her to death.
Denver, CO


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Floppy Loo

Floppy Loo

Karma, a 13-year Old Siamese and Lucy

Karma, a 13-year Old Siamese and Lucy

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  1. Melody says:

    I love the last picture, so adorable! I love it when cats curl up like that ^^ Sounds like Lucy found a great home and Karma isn’t lonely anymore!

  2. Jackie says:

    Beautiful dolls and it sounds like they have adorable personalities. I’m glad you got a new friend for Karma. They look like great pals..

  3. Jessy says:

    To tell the truth, Karma is a grouchy old lady who hates everything except me. She tolerates Loo, and once is a blue moon I’ll catch her licking her. But for the most part she growls at her (more like grumbles) and Loo stays away. But Lucy and my other cat, Squid, who’s a tortie point Siamese, love each other and are great playmates. None of them sleep together though – Loo is usually curled up on the floor next to where ever I am, just like a dog! Once in a while she’ll do her walk-in-3-circles deal and flop right next to me for a belly rub, bit she usually doesn’t stay long. But I can tell she loves me – she follows me everywhere!

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