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Info on Ragdoll CatsFrom different Ragdoll books, you’ll find that cleaning the litter box is one of the chores you must do well for your cat and Littermaid has found a way to make this task easy for you.

Littermaid Litter Boxes come with an automated function that can do the daily scooping. It also has a motion detector that can sense when the cat has finished using the litter box before it begins the cycle of cleaning.

Littermaid also installed a safety sleep timer on the boxes. This means that while you’re asleep, the ionic air cleaner works every 10 minutes to make sure that there are no foul smell in the morning.

A bicolor Ragdoll or two can use the litter box and the plastic bin which houses the lumps of waste might need throwing out after a day or two, depending on how many litter boxes you have in your home and how often your cats use the Littermaid Litter Box.

Buy Littermaid Litter Boxes on for $172.09.

Check out our Ragdoll cat guide for more info on cat care and litter boxes.

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