Lilac Ragdoll

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Angelmist of Guysndolls Ragdolls – She is a Bi-Colour Girl and is 7 months old in this photo

The lilac is grey and cream in color. Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide provides a good example of the different patterns and colors (however, there are photos on this page as well). Please check out the Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Website as well (link below).

Dusty of House Of Steward Ragdolls Lilac Ragdoll 340x625 Lilac Ragdoll

Dusty of House Of Steward Ragdolls, a Lilac Ragdoll

Cody Ragdoll 625x292 Lilac Ragdoll

Lilac Point Ragdoll, Cody – his registered name is RAGTIME CODY
(on the left he is 15 weeks old and on the right he is 2 years old)

The kittens pictured below are from Guysndolls Ragdolls in Australia. They are all Lilac.

d8dc49b0ce60acd1d7508bd0d2b18df0 Lilac Ragdoll

da481664e9c51c9e702cf36db57e6a8a Lilac Ragdoll

0516d06fb61609bcbe7b9a1387b3e499 Lilac Ragdoll

bcef5f16ebaf7508cd9a404280b5cd92 Lilac Ragdoll

The photos below are of Milo of Drouindolls. He is a Lilac point Ragdoll cat.

66f3bcc552e6994c7aadc111e914cd77 Lilac Ragdoll

56f641a3f7f5f1c7c4417bf1561851d3 Lilac Ragdoll

4f81923a4ac5fc488db58efad3ca7455 Lilac Ragdoll

d6a0586a2863276b58a5ca6cd855fddf Lilac Ragdoll

The photos below are of Summer Breeze of Drouindolls. She is a Lilac bicolor Ragdoll. She is photographed here with her first litter. Do you want to see more Ragdoll Kittens? Go to’s Ragdoll Kitten Page.

d100121576fb05809989191bc875a5c5 Lilac Ragdoll

7e225d69249d1a85b9546c375febfd0d Lilac Ragdoll

Mustafa Muezza a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx owned by Lora Falconer Lilac Ragdoll

Mustafa Muezza, a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx, owned by Lora Falconer

Mustafa Muezza a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx owned by Lora Falconer2 Lilac Ragdoll

Mustafa Muezza, a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx, owned by Lora Falconer

Mustafa Muezza a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx owned by Lora Falconer3 Lilac Ragdoll

Mustafa Muezza, a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx, owned by Lora Falconer

Ragdoll Fanciers WorldWide: Lilac Colors

If you are really interested in showing your Ragdoll cat, there is a terrific website that shows what the cat must look like (link below).

Please contact if you have a Ragdoll kitty who has this color type and you’d like for he or she to be featured on this page!

Would you like to see more Adult Ragdoll Cat Pictures? Click on any of the following color patterns, to see more Ragdoll Pictures:

button print blu20 Lilac Ragdoll

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  1. Melody says:

    The Lilac coloring for Ragdolls is so pretty looking, but somewhat rare therefore expensive!

    • admin says:

      I have not looked into Lilacs and their pricing, as I prefer the darker colors – but no doubt if it’s rare it’s more expensive. If you have information on them, I’d love to include it on the site. In fact, with all your research, you’re more than welcome to post anything you think would benefit the other readers.

      • Melody says:

        Thanks for the offer! Off the top of my head, there is one breeder that floppycats already interviewed once before that specializes in Lilac and Chocolate too, I believe, Ragdolls. The cattery is called Angel Girls Ragdolls ( Their webpage is quite informative too from Ragdolls to cat stuff that they have tried in the past. There is even a cat toilet on there! I prefer the blue coloring and then seal :)

        • admin says:

          Yes, Angel Girls’ website is neat because she really takes the time to walk through all the different colors and explain them. Education is always a nice bonus on a breeder website.

          • Melody says:

            Definitely! Plus, Angel Girls conducts elaborate testing to ensure healthy cats as well as no inbreeding with their pedigrees. They are one of the breeders that I have down as an option to adopt a Ragdoll from later on in the future!

  2. Dear admin,

    we are small ragdoll cattery in Slovakia, Europe. We are specialized on light colour, especially on lilac, lilac-cream (lilac tortie), cream and the darker colour in our cattery in blue. We have lilac colorpoint, lilac tortie mitted, lilac bicolour ragdolls. In case you want to publish some information and photos on Your webpage, please contact us and we will sent to you all what you need.
    You are right – lilac ragdolls are very rare and among them lilac tortie are very very rare. But they are so gently, soft and delicate – we like them very much.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Three of my Rags are lilac……they are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Geo says:

    I originally wanted a lilac or blue– but discovered they are hard to come by. I also would love a blue lynx bicolor, but I can’t find any of those around either. The more common colors and patterns are equally as beautiful, so not a problem!

  5. Lisa says:

    My baby Ragdoll is a Lilac,born to a seal bi colr mom and a full seal point dad.Hes more white ,than my seal bi color Murphy his Uncle.He has really soft fur and a sprigg,of pinkish blue on his nose at first I thought he was a Blue bi day I will send pictures.When my son rehomed the kittens everyone wanted the sealpoints the full dark face like the Daddy cat Winston,My BABY WAS THE ONE KNOW ONE PICKED THE RUNT.Hes 5 months now and a Beautiful normal sized Raggy that loves to eat.I need to find him now and kiss him.Didnt know Lilacs were rare.I like the bi color face cause they look like humans sometimes especially Big Murphy when he stares at me.huh huh Bye Lisa. I luv them all

  6. Patti Johnson says:

    Soooooo pretty! I have a hard time telling the lilacs from the blues…. :)

    Gorgeous kitties! Lurve each and every pic!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar :) <3

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