LeBistro Electronic Portion Control Feeder

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LeBistro Electronic Portion Control FeederFinally, it’s possible to take the hassle of measuring out portions during feeding time. Have you ever accidentally spilled some of the pet food as your pet might have been excitedly moving about? Do you want to stop having to wash out the measuring cup and no longer stoop over twice a day to feed your pet? Are you often out of your home and would like to make sure your pet gets to eat on time?

Well, the solution to the common problems associated with feeding time is owning a LeBistro Electronic Portion Control Feeder

It will automatically portion out the food according to serving size, time, and number of meals. One of the high-tech cat products, it is programmable and setting it up is so easy that even a child can do it.

It can dispense out portions ranging for one-fourth cup to two cups. So, if your pet is on a diet, you don’t have to deal with worrying about how your heart breaks when it asks for more, as the LeBistro Electronic Portion Control Feeder will be able to help you out. Maybe, if your cat really pleas for more, you can give gourmet cat treats that are low in calories. 

Make taking care of your pet can be much less of a chore when using the latest cat products.

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