Kitty Fun Tunnel by Feline Furniture

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Kitty Fun Tunnel by Feline FurnitureKittens just love to play and hide and seek with this unique cat furniture, they may do what they enjoy and sometimes even take a luxurious nap with privacy. It can give your kitty hours of playtime and fun, jumping around it and hiding. The Kitty Fun Tunnel by Feline Furniture is made out of fleece so your cats would love to snuggle up in their hiding place as it is nice, warm, and cozy. It measures 18” x 14” and comes different colors such as plain green or blue with paw prints on it. 

There is a red ball inside for your cat to play with while inside for to give them even more enjoyment. They can roll all over it and hide in their new Kitty Fun Tunnel whenever they feel like. You can play hide and seek or peek-a-boo with your kitty, and if you have two kittens or more, they will discover more ways to have fun with it. It might even be fun to rock your pet gently as it stays in it’s new hiding place. Feline Furniture is so sure that felines love their unique cat furniture so much, that they offer a 110% guarantee. 
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