Kitty Cradle Cat Hammock Product Review

| June 19, 2012 | 2 Comments

Kitty CradlePlease note: the Kitty Craddle is now sold as the Cat Crib

When Greg of the Kitty Cradle reached out to us and asked if we would be interested in reviewing his new Kitty Cradle, I jumped at the chance.  I loved the idea of it.  I am not one for clutter and honestly, with all the reviews we do (over 52/year), we end up having a lot of cat products lying around!  I liked that this one was somewhat disguised under a chair.

The Kitty Cradle is a cat hammock that fits under virtually any 4 legged chair.

Below are a few photos that Greg took of how you install the Kitty Cradle’s wrap straps around the legs and secure:

How to Install Wrap Straps for Kitty Cradle

How to Install Wrap Straps for Kitty Cradle

How to Install Wrap Straps for Kitty Cradle

How to Install Wrap Straps for Kitty Cradle

The main thing to remember is to cinch the straps tightly against the chair legs so they don’t slip while your cat is resting in the hammock – in our review video below, you can see how that is done:

The Kitty Cradle is machine washable on delicate.  You just want to make sure to fold the velcro back on itself so it doesn’t get stuck to anything else in the wash.

I like that the Kitty Cradle isn’t a cat bed you have to move when you are vacuuming.  It just moves with the chair that you’re already moving anyway!

Murphy in the Kitty Cradle

Murphy in the Kitty Cradle

The only complaint I have about the Kitty Cradle is that it was hard to photograph the kitties in it for this review! Which really isn’t a complaint about the product itself!

Caymus in Kitty Cradle

Caymus in Kitty Cradle

The Kitty Cradle will be available for sale this Summer 2012. It will cost $29. You can reserve yours ahead of time here.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    looks like a neat bed –

  2. lisa staffa says:

    OMG! I want one for Louie! gotta save some $ to buy this for him. I know that $29 isn’t a lot but we are starting his series of surgeries to remove his teeth. This is a great idea!

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