Kitty a Go Go – Cat Litter Box or Beds for Cats?!

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Kitty a Go Go Cat Litter BoxesKitty a Go Go – Cat Litter Box or Beds for Cats?!

Today we received an impressive box in the mail from Kitty a Go Go, a new cat litter box concept from Automated Pet Care Products.

It currently comes in a lot of fabulous designs, including:

  • Polka Dot
  • Leopard
  • Black
  • Wood Grain
  • Flower Print
  • Metallic

I asked for the Polka Dot because it is the most matching to my personality and my decor.

But there are many options as seen below:
Kitty a Go Go six stylish designs

I’m excited about this as a bed for cats – I can just stick a towel in there to make it more comfty and I’m pretty darn sure Trigg will love it. I do not think it is suitable for Ragdoll cats for a litter box because it is not tall enough for them to arch their back to go #2 or to squat to go #1. But I do very much like the concept for a cat bed and love that there is a drawer you can pull out to take the kitty out of.

Kitty a Go Go in Polka Dot

Here’s a video I captured of its arrival.

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