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Kaluha (or Kaluha Baluha as I call him) came to us this summer (2011) when his owners had to move out of the US and could not afford to take their four cats—Wrigley, Sam, BaileyGirl, and Kaluha—with them. When I met the owner with her cats sitting in her backseat and looking up at me, I was immediately smitten. Though I love all Ragdoll colors, I have to admit that I am partial to Seals in all their many patterns (Mink, Mitted, Colorpoint, and Bi-Color). Kaluha, then, immediately caught my eye. He was also a bit quieter than the others and sat primly in the backseat. I brought them all home and put them in my sister’s room (yeah, Tasha) where I discovered that

Kaluha Body


Kaluha is a major bed-hog. I would come in the morning to wake my sister and find Kaluha on the outside of the bed pushing my sister into the middle (with BaileyGirl wrapped around her head). Tasha moaned and groaned, but Kaluha has won her heart.

After a few days, I opened the door of Tasha’s room and let the new kids out. Kaluha wasn’t having any of it. This was his bed, and he wasn’t moving. Since then, he has allowed several cats to come in and visit with him (he seems particularly tolerate of my Seal Mitted Saxon), but he just seems really happy there.  He loves to watch tv and watch my sister play games on the computer.

Occasionally, he comes out and visits with me and talks to me very politely. He really is quite the gentleman and reminds me very much of my own Seal Mitted Ragdoll Merlin. His friends Sam and Wrigley have already gone home. BaileyGirl  is going home this weekend. Kaluha had  an out-of-state adopter (we made an exception), but she backed out at the last minute, and poor Kaluha is still with us.

Kaluha Body


I have had numerous adopters for him as he is a drop-dead gorgeous cat, but though I think he would do all right in a busy home, I am looking for a little quieter home for him. He is such a dignified boy that I am looking for a special home for him.

I never really see Kaluha play with toys. To me, he is the epitome of the Ragdoll: laid-back, affectionate without being overwhelming, a bit quiet (yes, I do have my Ragdolls—both my own and foster—that are not at all like this, but this is how Merlin was and this is how I always still perceive Ragdoll adults).

Kaluha is available for adoption from Merlin’s Hope Cat Rescue. If you want this precious boy, send us an e-mail. Remember, though, we do adopt only when the adopter is willing to drive and pick up the cat.

Kaluha Body


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  1. Beth says:

    Kaluha looks very much like my Seal Mitted cats who passed away… big, regal, beautiful boys. I wish you weren’t so far away! I would adopt him in a heartbeat!!!

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