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JW Pet Company Swatical Cat Toy

JW Pet Company Swatical Cat Toy

You might recall that we got a rather large shipment of products from JW Pet and included in that was the Cataction Swatical.

The Swatical is a simple toy – it has what looks like an enlarged badminton ball at the end of it that balances back and forth when the kitty hits the feather attachment on the top.

The base is weighted, so it wobbles back and forth while your kitty swats at it.

I think this is a fun toy – but I think it’s more ideal for a Ragdoll kitten than a Ragdoll cat because of the height of it – product dimensions: 11 x 2.5 x 5.2 inches.  Trigg and Charlie are much taller than it and that’s why you can see in the video below that Trigg is laying down to play with it.

You can buy the JW Pet Cataction Swatical cat toy through Amazon.com for $5.69 & it’s eligible for Amazon.com’s FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

Here’s a video of Trigg playing with it when we first received it and Charlie comes up to check it out – Trigg hisses at him as if to say, “Piss off!  This is mine!”

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