Jute Bombs & Sally Sisal Mouse by Moderncat Studio

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Sally Sisal Mouse by Modern Cat StudioHere are a couple of cat toys that any feline will surely love. No one knows why cats love to play with rope, but cats just do adore these cat toys. They’ll end up chasing it and pouncing on it, giving them hours of immeasurable fun.

Sally Sisal Mouse is, of course, made from high-quality woven sisal rope and it’s ideal for chewing. Your pet cat will like rubbing themselves on this kind of cat toy. It light enough for them to toss around and they will love the feel of sisal rope.

The Jute Bombs are made from the jute plant fiber woven into rope, and is the kind of ball that a cat likes to push around. Jute Bombs and Sally Sisal Mouse by Moderncat Studio are one of the most natural cat toys that you can give to your pet. 

Jute Bombs by Modern Cat StudioModerncat Studio has an array of cat toys online and a terrific cardboard cat scratcher that can be shaped into different designs. They also have other cat products such as wall decor and much more. Take the time to visit their site and look around to see the new cat products available. 
Beautifully crafted and natural cat products like these can give your pet the entertainment they need.

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