Imperial Cat Chaise Lounge Cardboard Cat Scratcher

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Imperial Cat Chaise Lounge Cardboard Cat ScratcherEveryone knows that it is normal for cats to scratch. They scratch because it is a way of marking territory; it keeps their claws honed and healthy; and it is a way of stretching their body for some simple exercise.

One way to assist them in their stretching and scratching needs is by getting them a good cat scratcher.

This Arkansas-based cat product from Imperial Cat embraces a new style of corrugated cardboard that is turned into a cat lounge scratcher! Offers cats a place to sleep, play, scratch and relax!

Imperial Cat's proprietary cutting method allows curved cuts that promote a new way for seal mitted ragdolls to scratch. This item is eco-friendly for it is made from comprised 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

As an added bonus, each scratcher includes a bag of Certified Organic Catnip (that is free of preservatives, filler, additives or by-products!). Product dimensions: 4.25" H x 9" W x 20" D; 1.3 lbs.

Buy Imperial Cat Chaise Lounge Cardboard Cat Scratcher for $23.99. Available in 12 different color patterns.

What can you say about Imperial Cat's Chaise Lounge scratcher? Contribute your thoughts in our Ragdoll Cat forum or you may leave us a comment below.

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