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I truly do! My kitten, Hemingway, is coming to me in two weeks, and he needs everything! He is our first Ragdoll, and soon to follow, will be his baby cousin, Voltaire! With two kitty Ragdolls on their  way, and NO supplies, this giveaway would welcome Hemingway and Voltaire into our home with STYLE!! Hemingway was born 6/28/12 and Voltaire's Birthday is 8/8/12! They would go meow-crazy for BIRTHday Presents!!

Also, my friend and kennel club member, Rea Cord, who runs the Elmore County Humane Shelter works very hard, having rummage sales, raffles, and other special events to keep her shelter in tip top condition. She deserves very much to be rewarded for her tireless efforts to provide love and comfort to the shelter babies. It would be a great surprise for her and the kitty room!

Name: JudyLyn Fanning
City: Prattville
State: AL
ShelterRescue: Elmore County Humane Shelter, Rea Cord, Director and Friend

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