How Much Should You Pay Your Pet Sitter?

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Do you travel often or at least once a year and ask someone to come to your home to check on your cats or dogs?  If so, what do you pay them?  I am sure it is different all over the world, but would be curious as to the different rates.  This topic came about when Julie and I were commenting back and forth on the post, Cat Sitter Checklist – Pet Sitter List.  When I tried to Google this topic of pet sitter prices, it seemed to be a popular one.

I know there are average pet sitting rates for:

  • per visit
  • overnight stays
  • animals that have special needs

What do you pay your pet sitter and what do you have s/he do?

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  1. Keala says:

    I travel at least once a year. During the past 9 months I’ve had with my raggies, I traveled 3 times, and the shortest trip was 6 days. I had my kitty sitter come by twice a day, around 10am and 6pm, to feed them wet food (wet food is 90% of their diet) and leave them a bowl of dry for overnight, play/cuddle with them, and scoop the litterbox. Her rate is $13.5 for each visit so for me it’ll be $26 a day. And I also tip her. She’s been great with my kittens-she sends me email everyday, sometimes with pictures and videos of them.

    • Jenny says:

      I love it that she sends you videos and photos – I do that with the cats I watch! Definitely worth $26/day!

    • Julie says:

      I do that too…send videos & pictures to the owners! I would want that done for me too! Nothing worse than being away & not hearing from your sitter…even the good stuff! And I think you are getting a great deal at $26 2x a day! I myself charge my dog sitting client $60 for 2x a day or $35 for once a day…but he has two crazy chocolate labs that only love me & him…so it’s worth it!

  2. Carly says:

    There is a lady in the Omaha area who will come to my place to check on my kitty (when I get him) once a day for $17 per day. I am not sure if she will do multiple visits per day for a discount or not– this is a question I will be asking whenever I get to use her services. But I know she comes, scoops the litter box, and gives attention for about 20 minutes.

  3. Jessy Walker says:

    I paid my sitter $300 for 2 weeks – 2 visits a day and she’d feed em and cuddle em and do the boxes, and plants and mail, etc. She’s great – leaves detailed notes of each visit, etc. and before I leave she comes by and takes many notes, gets emergency phone numbers and vet info, etc. She also keeps in touch by email. I’ve used her 3 times and will use her again for 2 trips coming up – including another 2 weeks in England at Christmas time. Pretty good price I think! I also always bring her a nice gift from England 😉 I wouldn’t do 2x a day normally but my old Siamese Karma has no teeth and needs her wet food.

  4. Jessy Walker says:

    I found her on this website:

  5. joan says:

    I have 20 cats. Some with health issues. I have a vet tech come in twice a day. I pay her $50 a day. I’m in Washington State.

  6. Melissa Wetterow says:

    I live in Tampa & I have 5 girls. I used to have the vet tech from my vet office come out twice a day while I was gone & paid her $30 a day but it did not work out well. It was mostly because she came when she felt like it – not in the schedule we had agreed upon prior to my departure. I had a very hard time trusting someone to pet sit after several bad incidents with her. However, I lucked out that a past employee of mine from my last job & I bumped into each other on Facebook and he lives in an apartment where he cannot have pets so whenever I go away, he stays at my house to get his kitty love fix! I pay him $20 a day plus I leave food or an extra $30-$50 (depending on how long I am gone for) for him to buy groceries. Works out great. I don’t have to worry about my kids & the house while I am gone!

  7. Mary cutrera says:

    Has anyone traveled by airline with a Ragdoll Cat? She is 13 lbs. so I wondered if she would be allowed to stay in the cabin in her carrier. I know that the carrier I have is hard and wouldn’t fit under the seat. Any suggestions?

    • Ting says:

      In my experience, for airlines that allow pets in the cabin, they have to be in a carrier that will fit under the seat. If you buy a medium-sized soft-sided carrier from Sherpa, that should work. 13 lbs of cat fits in it, and the top of the carrier can be smushed a bit to go under most seats. Check the airline guidelines, though – always your best source of information. You’ll have to pay an extra fee for each leg of the trip, and reserve a space with the carrier (let them know that you’ll be bringing a cat on board). You’ll also have to take the cat out of the carrier and physically carry her through security (clip those claws!). I used to put a harness on my cat so that I could control his movements better.

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