Hexbug Nano Interactive Cat Toy

| September 7, 2012 | 8 Comments

Hexbug NanoHave you heard of the Hexbug?  I first saw one in a toy store here in Kansas City and got it for my dad for Christmas – however, I never thought of entertaining the cats with one.

This little robotic creature acts like a real bug – and ever since I posted the video below on YouTube, I have heard the funniest stories of what people do with these things with their cats.  Charlie and Trigg’s breeder, Lora of Soulmate Ragdolls, sent this to us.

Some readers have bought 5-10 of them and then they turn them all on and let them loose in the bathtub and the cats go crazy.

The Hexbugs sell on Amazon.com for $6.50 each.

Since these aren’t made for cats, you definitely want to play with your kitties supervised with these guys.  In other words, when you leave the room, then the Hexbugs should go with you – and should be stored out of reach of your cats.  They are small and might be choke hazards.

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  1. Dana says:

    The ones online that I see aren’t as cute as yours! I want a little hamster one!! Do you know where Lora got them?

  2. Karalee says:

    My 9 yr-old son has one, and we let it loose on the kitchen tile for Minou, Gary and Samson to chase. They haven’t tried picking it up in their mouths yet, they just like to swat it, and chase it around.

  3. Geo says:

    Yes, We have those here. They make great cat toys! Only problem is, they get lost easily under baseboards and radiators. I like your ‘in the bathtub’ idea.

  4. Beth says:

    Really neat, Jenny! Thanks for sharing the cute video 🙂 I like the “bugs in the bathtub” idea, too!

  5. Eli says:

    Yeah! I keep buying new ones when the battery dies cause buying the toy is cuddled than buying the batteries for them. Also they get stuck and lost under appliances a lot.

  6. john lewis says:

    I got my two 6 month old ragdolls this little bug and they LOVE it! Very fun and keeps them playing for a long while. It’s fun to let the bug lose…but I also put it in a large tupperware container to keep it contained, too. Get a big supply of the little batteries because the average life is 2-3 continuous hours. Highest recommendation.

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