Hepper Pod Bed in Grey

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Hepper Pod Bed in GreyCats do love to have a place of their own, and sometimes are very picky as to what they want. But at the bottom of it is to have a cat bed where they can reign supreme!

Hepper's Pod Bed is the purrfect place for curling up, snoozing, sleeping, relaxing, lounging and most of all – reigning supreme!!

This cat bed embraces an interior pad of sherpa fleece or lamb's skin. In addition to pad's softness is the microfiber lining that is reversible and washable for convenience.

The pod itself is made with a soft-touch construction of flexible molded foam that is fabric laminated on both sides. The pod stands in a durable steel frame that can carry cats of 10-12 pounds.

You can purchase Hepper Pod Bed in Grey for $99.

What can you say about Hepper's Pod Bed compared to other similar items? What other cat products have you purchased for your feline? Share your answers with fellow cat owners in our forum or you may leave us a comment below.

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