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On September 30,’s Yahoo! Group was introduced to Gretchen. Here is Gretchens story.

“Hi, my name is Deborah aka DebsC. Here is my kitty Gretchen.
She is about 13 years old. Some say she’s a floppy cat, some say she’s not but might be a mix.

But, I don’t care, she’s my floppycat and she’s my baby.
She’s a tortie.

She has expressive eyes that change coloring. Sometimes they glow a little blue, sometimes they are hazel and sometimes they have a bit of gold in them.

Whatever Gretchen is, a tortie rag, a tortie ragmix or a tortie Heinz 57 mixture, she’s definitely a lap cat, one owner (ahem, slave) cat and extremely passive to me anyway.

She enjoys tummy raspberries. OK not really, but, she’ll tolerate them. She loves chatting with anything that flies, crawls or creeps across the floor. Unfortunately, that “friendship” is short lived, that poor creature has no prayer when she’s finished “bonding” with it.

Gretchen was an ASPCA rescue. I wanted a tortie that was extra loving and special and she certainly is both!!

I love sharing about Gretchen and we (her and I) thank you for allowing us into the group!

Paws and hugs (and maybe a raspberry)
Debs and Gretchen”

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